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This directory will feature leading Digital Services Products for your easy review and reference.

ArgenLink is the only product of its kind available in the digital dental market today.
ArgenLink is the only product of its kind available in the digital dental market today.
DENTSPLY Implant’s patient-specific abutment assortment includes Atlantis Abutments for OsseoSpeed™ TX Profile implants.
CAP offers digital manufacturing services.
The industry’s leading source for premium patient-specific abutments, Custom Milling Center precision-mills titanium and zirconia compatible with 13 implant brands across 75 unique platforms.
Whip Mix offers the highest quality milling services backed by a team of expert professions superior support.
From high-quality scanners to precision milling machines, CAM software, and milling discs, IMILLING presents a turn-key solution for milling in-house implant abutments and bars.
We are an outsourcing partner that happens to share building space and milling machines with the rest of Glidewell Laboratories.
Guidemia provides a streamlined and efficient workflow that facilitates restoration design before implant treatment.
Sirona’s infiniDent is an ideal solution for labs who want to gain access to the widest variety of indications and materials.
Pala Digital Dentures leverages innovative computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) dental technology to produce more accurate, comfortable dentures in record time.
PRISM SLM printed bars from Preat are ideal for patient-specific hybrids, overdenture bars, and fixed removables (primary and secondary bars).
Solidex customized abutments are FDA 510(K) cleared and 5 million cycle bench tested. The abutments fit with industry standard implants so well that there is virtually no movement.
Straumann’s laboratory outsourcing service, CARES Scan & Shape, now accepts open STL files for Straumann CARES customized abutments, screw-retained bars and bridges, and tooth-borne restorations.
Talladium Milling Center prides itself on providing quality restorations that give their clients a competitive edge in market.
This 3D printable resin represents a major upgrade over the current "Precise-Fit" technique using digital design and 3D printing of prototype dentures.
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