The first step of a CAD/CAM process is digitizing case information, whether via intraoral impressions or desktop scanning. On both fronts, accuracy and speed continue to improve while price points become more affordable. A trend toward open systems has given laboratories more freedom than ever in selecting the best scanner for their workflow. Make this product page your resource for comparing the various intraoral and desktop scanning options on the market.

Don’t have a scanner? Not a problem! Straumann's CARES® Scan & Shape Service for dental laboratories provides CDTs access to CARES prosthetics without an in-lab scanner.
Aoralscan simplifies the intraoral scanning experience, enabling dentists and technicians alike to easily obtain digital impressions.
The AutoScan-DS-EX Pro is ideal for any dental laboratory or clinic, featuring a compact size, light weight, outstanding scan speed, and a number of versatile functions.
cara Scan 4.0 is an easy-to-use, high-performance, dual-axis model and impression scanner that is the lead component in Kulzer’s complete workflow for digital denture production. The highly precise tabletop unit measures with an accuracy of 15 μm while utilizing blue LED structured-light technology.
Don’t have a scanner? Not a problem! Straumann's CARES® Scan & Shape Service for dental laboratories provides CDTs access to CARES prosthetics without an in-lab scanner.
The Ceramill Map 600 makes it possible to scan articulated models directly in the articulator. The HD speed scan via 3D sensor with blue-light technology and variable resolution guarantees optimal results with an accuracy of 4 μm.
The CS 3600’s intelligent scanning features—such as color coding to indicate gaps in the data set and guide arrows that show the ideal direction for a rescan—deliver helpful feedback to improve scans in real time.
DS Mizar provides an open workstation that can handle any articulator model through an accessory kit, while offering all-in-one scanning of impression triple trays, bite models, dental models, occlusion information, and multi-die and implant cases.
Featuring two 5-MP cameras, blue LEDs, and multi-line, high-speed scanning for optimal detail capture and ISO-documented accuracy, E scanners enable your laboratory to complete more cases in less time.
The Heron high-value intraoral scanner, characterized by its exclusive ergonomic design and light weight, boasts the most sought-after features for restorative dentistry, supporting the entire workflow for dental impressions.
Designed with quality in mind, the Medit i500 was created to add value to your business, exemplifying three qualities—value, efficiency, and productivity—to easily incorporate it into your workflow.
inEos® X5 is the only robotic scanner for the laboratory. The 3D scanner features a unique robot arm, triple-tray scanning capabilities, innovative model positioning, and the latest scanning technology.
Densys offers three affordable intraoral 3D scanners with high accuracy and efficiency: one with powder spray and two powderless scanners (monocolor and true color).
The iTero Element® 2 intraoral scanner streamlines comprehensive laboratory workflows, facilitates custom-milled models, offers open STL export, and provides chairside milling partner connectivity.
The KaVo LS 3 desktop scanner allows complete jaw scans to be performed in under 60 seconds, with an accuracy of up to 4 μm, even in complex cases. It features an optical system that captures fine textures and colors, while scans can be managed directly at the scanner itself using an intuitive 5-inch touchscreen.
The Medit T-Series laboratory scanners are perfect for both performance enthusiasts and entry-level users, combining a powerful scan engine with affordable pricing. Rediscover your productivity with Medit.
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