Whether sintering zirconia or pressing porcelain, a furnace can make or break a restoration. Specific requirements must be adhered to in order to get the best results from the various materials on the market, so it is important to have a furnace that works well in your laboratory’s workflow. Make this product page your resource for the latest furnaces of all kinds.

The Ceramill Therm S accelerates the sintering of single units and bridges up to six pontics with its 2-hour speed program. It also offers more versatility through its Autodry® and glaze firing mode.
The FOCUS HT, Shenpaz's next-generation furnace for ceramics/lithium disilicate, features special two-vacuum steps, tempering of ceramics over zirconia, and crystallization of lithium disilicate blocks.
The high-temperature Hot Spot 110 is lined with 1725°C Buster M-35 insulation. It is openly programmable and calibrated using the palladium melting point for precise temperature control.
The inFire HTC speed is a high-speed, high-capacity sintering furnace that accommodates numerous indications and materials and is the fastest sintering oven for full-contour oxide ceramic restorations.
A durable and compact porcelain furnace built in Japan, the Master Plus has 1200°C temperature capacity with 500 programmable courses. At 10 inches wide and 35 pounds, it can fit into any workspace.
The Multimat® NTX for firing and the Multimat® NTXpress for firing and pressing are for all common dental ceramic systems, including lithium silicate ceramic systems.
The Nabertherm LHT 02/17LB Speed offers a maximum temperature of 1650°C and high-quality heating elements. It fits up to three trays for a maximum of 75 units.
The ORIGIN® DuoTron™ Pro and Mini provide fast, dependable zirconia sintering, increasing production speeds while decreasing production costs.
The Pro Series Furnaces are affordable yet intelligently designed with cutting edge technology. They all feature advanced cycles for e.max, Captek, sintered alloys, and advanced porcelain products.
Programat® porcelain furnaces set the standard for quality and innovation in dental furnaces. Patented infrared technology instantly takes porcelain firing results from good to great.
The Programat® S1 1600 offers maximum workflow capacity and flexibility, now with almost double capacity. Sinter a full tray of esthetic zirconia in just 2.5 hours, single units in 75 minutes.
The Whip Mix SinterPro Furnace features 30 programs and four stages for sintering optimization. It is versatile and easy to program. Its shallow and deep trays can be used in any combination.
SINTRA PLUS has 50 programs for zirconium oxide, fast 90-minute sintering for up to 10 units and small bridges, and 200 conventional programs with a capacity of up to 80 units.
VARIO Ovens provide the ultimate chamber environment for pressing and firing complex ceramics. They feature Z-120 homogeneous tray temperature, Advanced Press, and ZR (TTC) linear cooling for complex ceramics.
The VARIO S400 is unique in its refined ruggedness. Its precision, performance, and styling are the result of the combined efforts of two divisions of the Zubler group in Germany.
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