This directory will feature leading Furnaces Products for your easy review and reference.

The CoCr sintering furnace Ceramill Argotherm 2 by Amann Girrbach is an integral part of a system with optimally coordinated components for processing the sinter metal Ceramill Sintron.
Glidewell provides this easy-to-operate BruxZir™ FastFire Furnace that is specially designed for the sintering of milled BruxZir restorations.
Empire Dental Inc. offers three new sintering furnaces from White Peaks: the Calidia 770 for soft metals; the Calidia Duotec 880, a dual zirconia and metals furnace; and the Calidia Zri 333 zirconia sintering furnace.
The Cermamill Therm 3 by Amann Girrback is a fully automatic high-performance furnace for final sintering of distortion-free zirconia frameworks.
The DEKEMA AUSTROMAT® 624 by Jensen Dental firing furnace improves esthetics by maximizing translucency and shade accuracy of fired ceramic restorations through precise temperature control and vacuum.
The FOCUS HT, Shenpaz's next-generation furnace for ceramic/lithium disilicate, features special two-vacuum steps, tempering of ceramics over zirconia, and crystallization of lithium disilicate blocks.
The Hot Spot 110, designed and manufactured by the high-temperature experts at Zircar Zirconia, Inc., is lined with 1725°C Buster M-35 insulation.
The Whip Mix Infinity ZR Sintering Furnace features the latest furnace technology to give you many years of dependable service.
Sirona’s inFire HTC speed is a high-speed, high-capacity sintering furnace that now accommodates even more indications and material choices.
Ivoclar's Programat P710 is a ceramic furnace that leaves nothing to be desired.
Ivoclar Vivadent’s Programat® S1 sintering furnace is fast, efficient and light weight, sintering zirconia frameworks in 90 minutes for a one-day turnaround of crowns and bridges.
KDF's Master Plus is a compact, easy-to-operate automatic porcelain furnace.
The new high-temperature sintering furnace LHT 01/17 D, equipped with molybdenum disilicide heating elements.
Talladium’s MASTERmill zirconia, PMMA, and wax milling machine is highly efficient and delivers consistent restorations.
DENTSPLY Prosthetics’ Multimat® NTX and Multimat® NTXPRESS units provide easy program customization, and excellent reliability for brilliant, consistent firing results.
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