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Learn more about the science of zirconia restorations!

What do you know about zirconia and its uses?

This eBook seeks to demystify zirconia, providing a background on the science and terminology of zirconia restorations as well as exemplary cases demonstrating the esthetic/strength combination that is possible with zirconia.


Learn more about what types of materials are used in 3D printing!

What materials are commonly used in 3D printing?

This whitepaper from Strasys provides the answers to that question and more. 


Learn more about the factors that affect zirconia!

What factors can affect the esthetics of cubic zirconia?

Earn CE credit learning more about issues affecting zirconia, such as sintering, finishing, and polishing. 


Learn more about Celtra Press and restorations!

How does Celtra Press provide optimal results?

Edwin Kee provides an overview of Celtra Press with a step-by-step production of restorations. 


Learn more about the latest and best millable materials on the market!

Compare the best and latest in millable materials!

Use our Shop and Compare Chart to find the materials for any kind of job!

Bring Dental 3D Printing to your desktop!
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