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The Collaboration Between the Dentist and Laboratory in the Digital Age

Using a number of digital workflow tools, including the Planmeca EmeraldTM Intraoral Scanner, the team used precise data to collaborate more effectively for a successful outcome.


Learn more about what you should consider when shopping for a 3D printer!

Are you shopping for a 3D printer?

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KeyPrint Precision 3D Printing Resins

A small handful of European and Asian manufacturers have served the dental 3D printing market with printable materials over the past few years, but one American company is ready to get involved in a big way.



Learn more about digital denture fabrication and 3D printing!

What's driving the digital denture revolution?

This eBook provides insights into how 3D printing technology has changed digital denture fabrication and how to take advantage of the growing removable market.


3D Imaging in the Digital Workflow

Essential diagnostic tools for effective treatment planning


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