Prodways Integrates Oqton for Better End-to-End Control of the Manufacturing Process

Posted on April 19, 2021

Prodways Printers, a member of Prodways Group specializing in 3D printing and digital manufacturing solutions, has established a partnership with Oqton, a publisher of AI-powered management software for 3D printing. As part of its continuous improvement drive, Prodways is now offering Oqton software on its machines. 

Automated additive manufacturing 

Oqton covers the entire additive manufacturing chain, from design to final post-print quality control, via a seamless and efficient process. 

This user-friendly solution is compatible with any type of machine and software (CAD, ERP, etc.). Data is hosted in the cloud and accessible from a single site via smartphone, PC, or tablet. Prodways customers can log in and control their machines from anywhere in the world, whenever they want, while customer service can log in directly to the platform at any time to resolve any glitch, no matter how minor. 

AI: Key performance driver 

Oqton’s software is powered by AI, making it unique in the market. AI algorithms allow the system to learn continuously, improving efficiency and quality throughout the manufacturing chain. It can also predict how machines will behave, anticipate, and identify malfunctions, as well as fine-tune future applications. AI also automatically recognizes 3D printing files without human intervention—particularly handy in the main fields where 3D printing is used, such as dental practices. The software automatically recognizes the type of part and automatically prepares what is needed to print. This leaves customers free to focus on the value-added stages of their operations. 

Tangible benefits 

Automating workflows in this way brings many benefits to Prodways customers: significant reductions in human error, greater machine productivity, and considerable time-savings. Time taken up by the nesting stage, where 3D models are intelligently grouped in order to streamline manufacturing and use of space, is cut six-fold, from an average of 1 hour to just 10 minutes. Oqton’s AI capabilities and predictive maintenance also cuts machine downtime, leaving more time for production. 

A win-win partnership 

Prodways CEO Alban d’Halluin explained: “Adding Oqton means our customers now have a comprehensive and intuitive one-stop platform that gives them a complete overview of the production chain and machinery. Our aim is for customers to manage their 3D production easily and with maximum flexibility. The Covid crisis has made this all the more essential, now that working from home is on the rise and people need to access data and assets from wherever they are. Oqton is hosted on the cloud, which makes it the ideal solution as customers can interact with Prodways machines from anywhere at any time.”

Oqton CEO Ben Schrauwen added: “We are delighted to be working with Prodways and offering them a new approach to managing 3D manufacturing processes. With our solution, Prodways customers should see immediate gains in production efficiency and quality. This deep and far-reaching integration of our software into the Prodways range is unique in the industry and an illustration of how this is a win-win relationship.”

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