Sterngold Launches Direct Catalog Downloads

Posted on October 15, 2019

Sterngold has added an online catalog viewer for its customers that also enables direct downloads as desired. This feature was added as aligned with Sterngold Dental’s aim of keeping it’s website functionally relevant to customers, as well as doing its small part to support paperless transactions wherever practical. This catalog download supplements other user materials already available on the Sterngold website under Resources and System Information Downloads within the Digital Dentures page.

As a company operating globally, Sterngold’s digitally bound content can also be easily distributed worldwide with this feature, continuing to provide ease-of-access. Apart from viewing and downloading, customers may also be able to share the catalogs as needed.

“By converting our regularly printed catalogs and other product collateral into online flip book views, we’re not only streamlining the way these documents can be accessed but also ushering in a more digital and modernized way to explore our offerings without having to expend resources on printing and shipping,” shares Gordon Craig, President and CEO of Sterngold. Sterngold aims to update the catalog download section regularly to ensure the latest products are accessed.

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