BEGO USA Partners with Alien Milling Technologies to Offer the Mediloy® Cobalt Chrome and Titanium Milling Blanks

Posted on July 17, 2019

BEGO USA has announced a new Distribution Agreement with Alien Milling Technologies, a distribution enterprise with nation-wide presence.

With 129 years of experience in the dental industry, BEGO works with dental partners worldwide to implement and optimize dental technologies needed to improve the health and well-being of patients. The new distribution agreement with Alien Milling Technologies allows BEGO, which brings decades of research and continuous innovation into the partnership, to expand its expertise in the dental field and the reach of its products. BEGO is a specialist for non-precious-metal alloys and has process expertise in CAD/CAM technology. This expertise is bundled in the Mediloy® CAD/CAM milling blanks, which stand out for their excellent cutting ability.

BEGO’s new milling blanks, launched in March 2019, were created to help reduce the processing times needed to produce highly accurate results. Mediloy® CAD/CAM milling blanks have outstanding material properties, generating an efficiency gain of 25% due to less tool wear. The cobalt-chrome milling blank Mediloy® M-Co, thanks to its homogenous structure, minimizes the risk of shrinkage cavities or porosities. The Mediloy® titanium milling blanks, M-Ti4 and M-Ti5, are available as grade 4 pure titanium or grade 5 alloy.

The cobalt-chrome and titanium milling blanks can be used for the lab production of crowns and bridges (including metal ceramics), as well as implant prosthetics. The new CAD/CAM materials are biocompatible and corrosion resistant, as well as free of nickel, cadmium, and beryllium.

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