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Table of Contents

Inside Dentistry Nov/Dec 2007 Cover
Nov/Dec 2007
Volume 3, Issue 10

Cover Story

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: How Messages from Manufacturers Are Driving Dental Consumerism


A Dentist's Personal Tale

Lawrence A. Hamburg, DDS


Endodontics: The Role of the Surgical Operating Microscope in Endodontics

Ahmad Tehrani, DDS


Esthetics: A Trio of Techniques for Assuring Predictable Results

Joyce L. Bassett, DDS


Implant Dentistry: The Osteotome Technique-Modifications to the Original Approach

Howard J. Drew, DMD, Tat Chiang, DMD, Barry I. Simon, DDS, MSD


Periodontics: The Perio Restorative Interface

Francis G. Serio, DMD, MS, MBA


Restorative Dentistry: Evolution of Impression-Free Techniques for Zirconia-Based Restorations

Gregg A. Helvey, DDS, MAGD, Keith Miolen


Detection of Carotid Atheromas by Panoramic Radiography

Arthur H. Friedlander, DMD, Allan G. Farman, BDS, PhD, MBA, DSc

Clinical Materials Review: Resin Cements-A Closer Look at Newly Introduced Cements

Janet L. Harrison, DDS, Waldemar G. de Rijk, BA, MS, PhD, DDS, FADM, James F. Simon, DDS, MSEd

Clinical Roundtable: Question-When a Class 2 Composite Resin is Planned and the Cervical margin is on dentin or a root, is a resin adhesive flowable composite a better choice than a glass-ionomer sandwich in that region?

Lab Talk: Splints Are Not Just for TMD Therapy

Greg Vigoren, DDS, Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC, MDS

Restoring Anterior Esthetics Using Metal-free Abutments and a Long-span Zirconia Restoration

Ronald D. Perry, DMD, MS, John Orfanidis, CDT

Computerized Implant Planning and Implementation

Harold S. Baumgarten, DMD, Alan M. Meltzer, DMD, MScD, Alfred Nelson, CDT

Elegant Esthetics-Restoring The Natural Beauty of Teeth With Composite

Lynn A. Jones, DDS

Atraumatic Laser Extraction for Predictable Anterior Esthetics

Stewart Rosenberg, DDS

Practice Building: Improve Treatment Acceptance-See Fewer Patients, Provide More Care

Robert H. Maccario, MBA

Practice Building: Using Your Insurance-New Dentist Covers His Bases

Effectiveness of Fluoride in Preventing Caries in Adults

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Onset and duration periods of articaine and lidocaine on maxillary infiltration

Howard E. Strassler, DDS

Industry News

Industry Insider

On the Scene: OralLongevity™ launches at ADA Annual Session

An Inside Look At...: 3M ESPE

A Call to Action: Oral Health America Promotes the Oral Systemic Link

The Main Event: Santa Fe Group Tackles Oral Health in the Aging Population

University Proceedings: Oral Cancer Screening Aids

Michael A. Kahn, DDS

Product News

Clearfil Majesty™ Series From Kuraray America, Inc

Immediate Outcomes-Using Flapless Surgery and Ankylos® Syncone Overdenture Abutments

Shade Taking Now More Affordable and Easier To Use

Chairside, Reception Room, and the Internet Covered by a Trio of Patient-Education Products

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