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Inside Dentistry August 2018 Cover
August 2018
Volume 14, Issue 8
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Editor's Letter

A Willingness to Try and Quality Education

Robert C. Margeas, DDS

Cover Story

2018 Materials Guide

Retraction Materials: Pastes and Lasers Offer New Options to Clinicians Who Are Ready to “Cut the Cord”

Stephen D. Poss, DDS

Impression Materials: New Formulations Save Time, Lower Costs, Reduce Steps, and Offer Scannability

Composites: Ongoing Modifications to Filler Particles Are Moving Us Closer to True Universality

Marcos Vargas, DDS, BDS, MS

Millable Materials: With Recent Advancements Harmonizing Strength and Esthetics, CAD/CAM Is No Longer a Compromise

Dennis J. Fasbinder, DDS

Cements: Improved Chemical Properties Produce Longer-Lasting Restorations in Fewer Steps

John O. Burgess, DDS, MS

Adhesives: As Bioactivity and Other Advancements Improve Bond Strength, Understanding of Chemistry and Proper Technique Gain Importance

Gary Alex, DMD


What Materials Do You Use to Achieve Gingival Retraction, and How Do You Use Them?

Stephen D. Poss, DDS, Gary Radz, DDS, Christopher Pescatore, DMD

What Is the Best Method to Capture a Flawless Traditional Impression?

Sabiha Bunek, DDS, Brian Harris, DDS, Lee Ann Brady, DMD

Are Nanocomposites Truly Universal?

Marcos Vargas, DDS, BDS, MS, Gaetano Paolone, DDS, K. William "Buddy" Mopper, DDS

How Has the Recent Interest in High Strength Ceramics Influenced the Development of Chairside CAD/CAM Clinical Applications?

Dennis J. Fasbinder, DDS, Daniel Poticny, DDS, Russell Giordano II, DMD, DMSC, FADM, FADI

When Placing Zirconia or Lithium Disilicate Restorations, What Factors Govern Your Decision to Employ Traditional Cementation vs a Bonding Protocol?

Nathaniel Lawson, DMD, PhD, John O. Burgess, DDS, MS, Alan M. Atlas, DMD

What Factors Affect Long-Term Bond Durability, and How Can Bond Strength Be Improved?

Richard Price, BDS, DDS, MS, PhD, Salvatore Sauro, BCS, PhD, Gary Alex, DMD

Continuing Education

Cements and Ceramics

Greg Gillespie, DDS

Product Showcases




Impression Materials

Millable Materials

Retraction Materials


Facial Injectables for Dentists

Bianca Velayo, DMD

Practice Insider

A Composite with “Wow Factor”

Sol Schwartzstein, DDS

Unsurpassed Biocompatibility and Versatility Without Compromise

Apolinar Madrigal, DDS

The State of the Art for Partial Dentures

R. Scott Clark

Preventing Hypersensitivity with Just One Drop

Lee Ann Brady, DMD

High-End Services Require the Best Materials

Todd Snyder, DDS

What I Use

Educating Others Keeps Clinician Up-to-Date

Robert Lowe, DDS

Tried-and-True Practices Stand the Test of Time

James G. Kouzoukian, DDS

Clinical Briefs

Amalgam Replacement Using Composite Core Buildup

Apolinar Madrigal, DDS, Manisha Patel, DDS

Peer to Peer

Feather Lite™ Polishers

Lee Ann Brady, DMD

TheraCal LC®

Carla Cohn, DMD


When Pictures Really Matter

Amanda Seay, DDS, AAACD

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