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Inside Dentistry
August 2018
Volume 14, Issue 8

A Composite with “Wow Factor”

Sol Schwartzstein, DDS, owner of Central Park South Dental Arts, on TPH Spectra® ST from Dentsply Sirona Restorative

1. The composite is available in two viscosities to accommodate clinicians' preferences and techniques and improve the efficiency of placement. 2. TPH Spectra ST has an enhanced chameleon blending ability for simplified shade selection and matching that can replicate the full 16-shade VITA® classical range using just five shades. 3. The key improvements in TPH Spectra ST composite were made possible by SphereTEC® filler technology, a proprietary method of manufacturing well-defined, spherical nanoscale superstructures that are comprised of submicron glass.

What was the challenge with other composites? The esthetics were often less than ideal, and we needed to tell patients that the shades may blend in better over time.

How does TPH Spectra ST help? We are getting a perfect shade match and patient "wow factor"
 every time, even for
anterior restorations.

How does it improve your bottom line? Because we can achieve shade matches with a reduced number of universal shades, it is very easy to stock.

My Manhattan, New York, practice has been serving patients for more than 20 years, and our philosophy is simple. We strive to do everything that they need or want, from veneers to implants and more. Although composite restoration is one of the simplest forms of dentistry, composites are a mainstay of my practice, so we stay abreast of the newest materials, including TPH Spectra® ST. The first thing we noticed was that its flowability, packability, and ease of use were comparable to other composites, but once we started using it with patients, we were really impressed by how mush easier it had become to match shades.

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