Inside Dentistry
August 2018
Volume 14, Issue 8

High-End Services Require the Best Materials

Todd Snyder, DDS, FAACD, owner of Aesthetic Dental Designs®, on GC America Inc.’s G-Premio BOND™ and G-ænial Sculpt®

1. G-ænial Sculpt is a universal composite that provides a strong, wear-resistant and radiopaque restoration with a self-shining effect that will continue to increase in polish over time. 2. Preoperative photograph of tooth No. 20, prior to the removal of the existing amalgam restoration and decay. 3. The final appearance of G-ænial Sculpt on tooth No. 20 is an ideal reproduction of tooth structure regarding shape, mechanical properties, color, polish, and performance.

How do the monomers 4-MET, MDP, and MDTP make G-Premio BOND better? This chemical bond provides an advantage over a micromechanical bond.

What are the primary benefits of G-ænial Sculpt? It handles well and exhibits excellent wear properties and polishability-plus it gets shinier with time.

Why is GC America Inc. a good partner for clinicians? Working with such a reputable company supports clinicians' needs, and GC always has great products.

Eighteen years ago, I opened my practice with a mindset focused on differentiating myself from other dentists. I did not want to be at the mercy of insurance plans, and I wanted my work to include high-end cosmetic services, temporomandibular joint treatments, and full-mouth rehabilitations. My patients continue to come to me because I offer ideal dentistry, and predominantly, I have accomplished that based on the training I have received, the team I have, the systems I have created, the laboratories I work with, the technology I implement, and the materials I use. GC America Inc.'s G-Premio BOND and G-ænial Sculpt® have been a part of that equation for success.

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