Inside Dentistry
August 2018
Volume 14, Issue 8

Feather Lite™ Polishers

Smooth and shine hard-to-reach occlusal grooves

Lee Ann Brady, DMD

The dependability of our restorative armamentarium is essential to guaranteeing efficiency and excellence. If the instruments that we rely on for beautiful cosmetic results lose their edge too quickly, appointments are derailed and patients leave doubtful. Nowhere is this need for reliability and consistent quality more apparent than with the polishers that dentists use on a daily basis to enhance enamel, ceramics, or composite.

Whether polishing teeth after an equilibration, cleaning up composites following placement, or fine-tuning ceramic restorations, the ability to access hard-to-reach tooth surfaces is what distinguishes a polisher. With the advent of silicone polishers and newer polishing systems imbued with different materials, the evolution of polishers has seen notable changes in the last decade. Although these advances heralded increased polisher longevity and enhanced clinical value for the attainment of natural-looking restorations, unfortunately, most still blunt too quickly and lack versatility.

The Feather Lite polishers from Brasseler USA combine the benefits of silicone with a unique feathered design that provides ease of use and durability to clinicians who are wary of polishers that become dull after only two or three teeth. Feather Lite polishers resemble a flat silicone wheel with edges akin to individual feathers. The particle-embedded "flexible spiral" is customized with different levels of abrasiveness to more effectively polish various surfaces when compared with previous generations of polishers.

The utility of Feather Lite spans multiple systems, including multipurpose Dialite® for crowns and bridges, diamond-impregnated DiaComp, which is ideal for composites, and other options that are designed to polish popular materials such as zirconia and lithium disilicate. The effectiveness stems from the novel tip shape. Unlike cone-shaped polishers, Feather Lite provides greater access to occlusal grooves and interproximal areas for beautiful, smooth results.

Feather Lite polishes the distal, mesial, lingual, buccal, and occlusal surfaces effortlessly, honing my intended esthetics and optimizing restoration quality. It even reaches occlusal fissures when I've created both primary and secondary occlusal anatomy.

Another advantage is that Feather Lite polishers can be used with both straight and latch-style handpieces. To maximize their polishing potential, I run them at a slow speed setting (ie, 7 to 12,000 rpm) when using an electric handpiece. At low speeds, they achieve a high shine and are more cost-effective and resistant to wear. The Feather Lite polishing system delivers excellent results for all of your restorative polishing needs.

Key Takeaways

1. Flexible polishing spirals
2. Easily adapts to any surface
3. Creates an enamel-like finish
4. Preserves surface differentiation while polishing

About the Author

Lee Ann Brady, DMD
Private Practice
Glendale, Arizona

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