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Inside Dentistry
August 2018
Volume 14, Issue 8

Unsurpassed Biocompatibility and Versatility Without Compromise

Apolinar Madrigal, DDS, general practitioner in Turlock, California, and Leon, Mexico, on DenMat’s Geristore®

1. Geristore is a simple, reliable self-adhesive restorative solution, offering a high degree of biocompatibility and unmatched versatility for a myriad of cases. 2. Geristore's self-adhesive, hydrophilic properties make it the ideal material for treating carious lesions at the subgingival margins. 3. The unique properties of Geristore, used here in tandem with Gloss-N-Seal® surface sealant, ensure that the final restoration will perform for years to come.

How does Geristore comparewith other restorative materials? It bonds in a moist field, making it an ideal material when complete isolation is not feasible.

What makes Geristore your go-to product? Its self-adhesive properties with enamel and dentin are perfect when time is a constraint.

How does Geristore's biocompatibility improve outcomes? Its biocompatibility with connective tissue facilitates class V restorations without irritating the gingiva.

As a cosmetic dentist focused on minimally invasive dentistry, I am always looking for products that deliver high-quality esthetics with proven long-term results. Practicing dentistry in both the United States and Mexico affords me the opportunity to treat a variety of clinical cases. As such, I rely on products that withstand the test of time while also satisfying even the most demanding patients. DenMat's products, such as the fluoride-releasing Geristore® hybrid ionomer composite, do just that-restore patients' oral health without compromising on esthetics or strength.

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