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Inside Dentistry
February 2018
Volume 14, Issue 2

Product Insights

New Products

A | PrograMill One

The PrograMill One milling machine is a compact, 5-axis milling machine designed to mill beautiful, esthetic IPS e.max restorations. The fresh design allows for high precision and convenience.



Featuring a pen-style, ergonomic design, the digit power™ Dispenser offers a balanced, comfortable feel for both right-handed and left-handed dentists.


C | Aadva IOS

The AadvaTM IOS facilitates the validation of the preparation, definition of margin lines, evaluation of bite registration, and creation of a 3D model. The simulated model can then be used to create indirect restorations.



The patient relationship management platform empowers providers with tools to maximize patient relationships and foster loyalty. SR Schedule meets these needs in a solution that is intuitive and easy-to-use for both the practice and its patients.


E | Pioneer Pro and Pioneer Elite

Pioneer Lasers, LLC, announced the return of two of its best-selling diode lasers to the dental community. The proven technology, engineering, and manufacturing behind the Pioneer line have made these diode lasers a favorite for quality, reliability, and everyday low-cost of use.



F | Geristore

The physical properties of this unique and extremely biocompatible restorative make Geristore the ideal material for countless dental procedures. Geristore's dual-cure, self-adhesive, hydrophilic Bis-GMA formulation makes it the product of choice for subgingival lesions and restorations involving soft tissue.

G | MTA Repair HP

MTA Repair HP maintains all of the indications and chemical and biological properties of the original MTA. In a putty form, it drastically improves its application. The enhanced formula does not stain the tooth.


H | Jiffy® Natural Universal System

The Jiffy Natural Universal System consists of malleable spiral-shaped wheels that are designed to easily conform to tooth anatomy. Their pliable, finger-like extensions easily reach where cups and points can't.


I | BrioShine Feather Lite

Brasseler USA's new polishers are ideal for the universal polishing and finishing of ceramic and composite materials with predictable results.


J | Estelite Bulk Fill Flow

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow requires no capping layer up to 4mm, offering simpler and faster bulk-fill procedures. Exceptional cavity adaptation and lower shrinkage stress result in worry-free restorations that last.


K | NLZ Motor Systems

The new NLZ has the highest torque in its class (4.2 Ncm) with the smallest dimension. NLZ E, has both a reciprocating and rotary function, making it compatible with WaveOne® files.


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