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Special Issues
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

EndoSequence® BC RRM-Fast Set Putty

Biocompatible putty is fast-setting and easily manipulated

Figure 1 | Premixed with superior handling and healing properties, EndoSequence® BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is ideal for root end filling (retrograde fills), pulp capping, perforation repair, and repair of root resorption.

EndoSequence BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is highly biocompatible, antibacterial, osteogenic, and features a new fast-set chemistry and Sanidose syringe delivery. There is no mixing, no waste, and no cross-contamination. Clinicians get a consistently perfect unit dose putty plug with every application. BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is uniquely formulated, allowing clinicians to roll the material into cones before surgery begins, which makes the material even more convenient to use. The material’s setting reaction begins only after exposure to the oral cavity and not outside the mouth. The new fast-set formulation is also more resistant to washout than the original market leading BC RRM Putty.

BC RRM-Fast Set Putty has hydrophilic qualities that allow better adaptation during surgery. It is also non-cytotoxic and biocompatible, which helps reduce surgical inflammation. It has an extremely small particle size and, unlike other commonly used root repair and pulp capping materials, it is completely void of heavy metals such as bismuth oxide, which has been shown to cause discoloration. The basic nature of the material allows a welcome quality of bone induction during the healing phase of the bone.

EndoSequence is the only brand of premixed calcium silicate-based bioceramics available in the US. Visit for more information about these patented premixed products and review the extensive research bibliography. You can also view informative videos about restorative endodontics and download a free eBook entitled, Bonded Restorative Endodontics for the Conservative Dentist.


1. Ideal Putty Consistency
Moldable/condensable putty consistency with premixed Sanidose syringe delivery

2. Fast Set Time
Shortened set time (20 minutes)

3. Biocompatible
Highly biocompatible, reducing surgical inflammation

4. Predictable Setting
Setting reaction begins after exposure to the oral cavity, not outside the mouth

5. Antibacterial
Osteogenic, antibacterial (+12 pH), and non-staining

6. No Washout
Extremely resistant to washout

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