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Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material by 3M ESPE

Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material


3M ESPE has introduced broader and optimized shade offerings of Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material. Six different shades are available, including an A3.5 shade added to fulfill users’ desires for a darker option. 

Highest fracture resistance and gloss without polishing--Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material is the benchmark in strength and esthetics.

Record-breaking fracture resistance and toughness.  Quick intraoral set, total set time of only five minutes.  Smooth, glossy surface requires no polishing or glaze.   Sophisticated filler technology provides strength and esthetics.  Easy plaque removal to support gingival health.  Six natural-looking shades designed to match Filtek™ Supreme Plus Flowable Restorative.

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