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Special Issues
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Sirona CEREC Omnicam

The new frontier of digital scanning

Figure 1 | Digital scanning with CEREC intraoral scanning system is an easy process. Clinicians simply acquire an image of the preparation and opposing jaw with the CEREC Omnicam or the CEREC Bluecam; draw the preparation margin with just a few clicks; and the software assists you with marking and supports you with a pivoting 3-dimensional (3D) view. The CEREC Omnicam is a unique multi-talent and a sensation in the CAD/CAM camera market, providing unrivalled handling, powder-free scanning, and precise 3D images in natural color.

The CEREC Omnicam is comfortable to hold and has a balanced weight for maximum physician comfort. The weight feels similar to some electric high-speed handpieces and it can be manipulated with minimal effort. It operates similarly to other intraoral cameras, but with one major advantage—it simultaneously takes videos and builds a 3D model in color.

Final digital impressions are quickly obtained with the Omnicam, and because it is digital data, it can be manipulated. Clinicians can image the necessary teeth during down times of an appointment. The Omnicam can image the teeth and put that data aside in the software while the tooth is prepared. Once the tooth is prepared, the clinician only needs to image what has changed: the prepared tooth. During this stage of the procedure, it is quicker to complete the model and the digital data can still be manipulated without losing accuracy. If there are any problems with the preparation, it can simply be deleted in the data.

Sirona’s repertoire of integrated imaging technologies provides clear, quick diagnostic images. With Sirona’s integrated GALILEOS-CEREC systems, clinicians can simultaneously plan prosthetics and implants in a single visit, which improves patient education, case acceptance, and treatment outcomes. It is important for patients to feel good about the choices they make regarding their own dental care, and to completely understand their individual treatment. These technologies have been instrumental in conveying the message that clinicians practice life-changing dentistry with routinely positive patient experiences.


1. Precise
Intraoral scanning with Omnicam provides precise 3D images in natural color

2. Convenient
Plan prosthetics and implants in a single visit

3. Patient Acceptance
Increase treatment acceptance with easily understood images and fast diagnostic information

4. System Integration
Integrated GALILEOS-CEREC systems allow clinicians to simultaneously plan prosthetics and implants in a single visit

5. Ergonomic
Easy to hold and manipulate

Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.

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