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Special Issues
July/August 2018
Volume 39, Issue 3

Implant Success: Planning and Impression Material Selection Are Key

Arnold Rosen, DDS, MBA

Planning and execution are key elements for successful dental treatment. Specific to implant cases, planning incorporates a CBCT for anatomical analysis and implant selection, a surgical guide for implant placement, and HIPAA-compliant communication for interdisciplinary collaboration. Execution involves choosing the right materials. Prosthetic materials are highly relevant to the longevity of a restoration. For an implant case, this includes impression materials to ensure an appropriate transfer of the clinical situation. For the case detailed here, Aquasil® Ultra+ Smart Wetting Impression Material (Dentsply Sirona Restorative, was selected because of its simple delivery system, its wash material with excellent hydrophilicity and tear strength, and a heavy-body composition that provides compression and border molding. These features allow for the necessary physical and special detail reproduction and help prevent trapping voids or the loss of material in the mouth upon impression removal. The quick set of the material, together with a pleasant taste and thixotropy characteristic, enables a positive patient experience. Also, Aquasil Ultra+ is versatile across both implants and natural tooth preparations.

Key Takeaways

Case planning and communication are vital for ideal outcomes and productivity for successful implant and natural tooth impressioning. Provisional restorations on implants and natural teeth can serve as prototypes for success.

The hydrophilicity of Aquasil Ultra+ renders accuracy with no voids or bubbles, and the effective wash material delivery along with tear strength provides predictable subcrestal impressions for implants and natural teeth.

The viscosity of Aquasil Ultra+ Heavy Body and a pleasant mint taste allow an experience that is amenable to patients, helping to reduce retakes and remakes for a seamless case treatment.

About the Author

Arnold Rosen, DDS, MBA
Private Practice
Brookline, Massachusetts

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