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Special Issues
July/August 2018
Volume 39, Issue 3

Smile Without Fear: SmartFix® Concept for Oral Rehabilitation

Anthony Ramirez, DDS

3D dentistry is truly transformative. By integrating computer-assisted implantology via GALILEOS® CBCT imaging (Dentsply Sirona Imaging, clinicians can confidently offer streamlined solutions for complex dental problems and provide advanced treatment options. Dentsply Sirona’s innovative SmartFix® concept affords implant dentists unique, reliable rehabilitation possibilities. The Astra Tech EV drilling protocol ensures primary stability for implant placement when immediately loading. Use of a digital workflow to diagnose and treatment plan removes guesswork, provides predictability, and ensures precision to return esthetics and function. The Profile EV implant, designed to follow the geometry of the alveolar ridge, decreases the need for bone reduction when tilting posterior fixtures by placing them at or slightly below the crestal bone. Restorative product options provide expanded choices with regard to angulations, tissue depths, and interocclusal spaces. Available prosthetic products simplify the restorative process for converting an immediate denture to an implant-retained fixed provisional prosthesis during the “teeth in a day” treatment procedure. As shown in this case, the patient gains expeditious improvement in esthetics, speech, and function with a single-staged, immediate-load, fixed hybrid prosthetic solution.

KEY Takeaways

Proper planning in 3D imaging software reduces the complexity of challenging treatments. CBCT imaging is foundational for complete examination and comprehensive treatments. A flapless guided implant approach reduces postoperative sequelae.

The Profile EV implant is designed to minimize marginal bone remodeling and improve crestal bone preservation, lessening the need for bone augmentation or reduction and enhancing postoperative healing.

Combining the Profile EV implant with planning software and using surgical guide safeguards enables precise placements with improved control of depth, angulation, and timing. The SmartFix concept streamlines all-on-4 oral rehabilitation.

About the Author

Anthony Ramirez, DDS
Private Practice
Brooklyn, New York
Attending Physician
New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

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