Yet another material the vhf K5+ masters with ease

Posted on November 21, 2019

Keystone Industries’ high-impact Denture Base Disc, KeyMill featuring Diamond D, validated for vhf milling machines

Keystone Industries and vhf announced that they have collaborated to validate and optimize Keystone’s high-impact denture base disc, KeyMill, in the vhf dental milling machines.

Since its introduction in 2003, Diamond D has become one of the world’s leading high-impact denture acrylic. Laboratories and dentists alike have come to rely on Diamond D’s superior strength and natural, fibered colors to deliver a premium, fracture-resistant denture product to patients. Now, Keystone is offering this same superior quality to the digital den- tistry market – KeyMill discs can be perfectly and accurately milled, without any warping of the material during production. The final product is extremely strong, vibrant, and esthetic, with minimal finishing or polishing required. Unlike PMMA dentures, Diamond D dentures are not brittle and resist fractures.

Björn Höppe, Head of Product at vhf says: “The K5+ is a lab’s premiere choice when it comes to milling dentures. The highly esthetic material from Keystone is extremely strong and requires a robust milling system. The K5+, vhf’s powerful dry mill, offers a compact and extremely sturdy build that masters the high impact denture base discs with ease.”

Keystone Industries’ president, Ira Rosenau, noted that, “We are very pleased to have validated our KeyMill denture base disc for vhf’s robust milling machines. Through the harmonized CAM system, consisting of vhf milling machine, strategies and tools, users are able to create an esthetic and high-impact denture product with KeyMill in very little time. We look forward to working with vhf and their lab customers to create excellent results for dentists and their patients looking for a perfect digital denture solution.”

KeyMill is CE marked, Health Canada approved and 510(k) cleared by the FDA. Keystone offers its discs in two shades (original and light-reddish pink) and two sizes (25mm and 30 mm).

vhf is a leading manufacturer of complete milling solutions (machine, control software and tools) for the production of dental products, including dentures. vhf’s K5+ features revolutionary technologies, such as tool-free blank clamping and an integrated ionizer, which help users to achieve top-quality results.

About Keystone:

Keystone’s group of dental companies focuses largely on consumable laboratory products and operatory/preventative products. We are a global supplier, maintaining a diverse network of more than 800 U.S. and International dental distribution partners in 70+ countries.

Keystone has developed industry-leading products like its innovative line of 3D printing resins, KeyPrint®, Diamond D® high-impact denture base, the Pro-Form® line of thermoplastics, innovative and patent-protected laboratory offering such as Enamelite ceramic spray glazes and the winner of Dental Advisor’s top product of the year, our Gelato prophy paste. Keystone has spent nearly three decades formulating and producing biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins for dental and cosmetic nail applications. Keystone maintains FDA licensing, ISO 13485 (medical device) and 22716 certifications, along with GMP certification and international product registrations. To learn more, visit dental.keystoneindustries.com, like the Keystone Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

About vhf:

Founded in 1988, vhf is a leading manufacturer of CNC milling machines, milling tools and CAM software for the dental sector, industry and sign making. Headquartered in Ammerbuch, Germany, vhf employs more than 250 people and is constantly expanding. With its subsidiary vhf Inc. in the state of New York, it provides North American customers with inventory, sales, service, and support.

Henry Schein to Present New Products and Solutions, Educational Offerings, and Thought Leadership Discussions at Greater New York Dental Meeting, Dec. 1-4, 2019

Posted on November 21, 2019

 Product Demonstrations: 3Shape TRIOS® Move, 3Shape TRIOS® 3 Basic, the A-dec 500 Chair, Convergent Dental Solea® Dental Laser, and Dentsply Sirona CEREC® Primescan

 Daily Schedule of Classroom Courses Designed to Help Oral Health Professionals Enhance Their Practices and Clinical Workflow

 #ScheinChats, a Social Media Series Exclusively Available Via Facebook Live, Featured Daily, Including a Discussion on “the Future of Dentistry” Between Stanley Bergman, Chairman and CEO of Henry Schein, and Craig McKenzie, President of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

Henry Schein, Inc. (HSIC) today announced its lineup of product demonstrations, educational offerings, and industry thought leadership events that will take place at the 2019 Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). The Company’s portfolio of solutions, education, and social media activity featuring dental industry leaders are designed to help oral health professionals navigate the ever-changing world of dentistry.

Visitors to the GNYDM will learn why oral health professionals rely on Henry Schein to enhance their practices through the Company’s digital equipment and technology solutions (booth #4225); practice management, marketing, and patient engagement solutions from Henry Schein One (#4627); and a wide variety of financial, business, and office design services and solutions from Henry Schein Financial Services, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, Henry Schein Business Solutions, Henry Schein Office Design, and Henry Schein ProRepair (#4126). The Company is also hosting live events as part of its Classroom series featuring tips and tools to optimize Dentrix® treatment plans, workflow solutions for a productive practice, handpiece equipment repair, and many more important topics to help enhance practice success. For the complete schedule of daily events offered by Henry Schein throughout GNYDM, visit the Company’s event landing page.

“We look forward to the Greater New York Dental Meeting each year because it’s a wonderful opportunity to listen to our customers and help assess the challenges they are facing with their practices,” said AJ Caffentzis, President, U.S. Dental Distribution, Henry Schein. “At this year’s meeting, we will showcase solutions clinicians can use to enhance their workflow, reinforcing why our customers can rely on us to integrate business solutions, clinical solutions, technology solutions and supply chain solutions into their practices and laboratories, so they can focus on providing quality care to their patients.”

Featured Solutions to Enhance Practice Efficiency

Throughout the show, Henry Schein will demonstrate the latest products and technology solutions, including lasers, scanners, and milling units. Members of the Henry Schein Dental leadership team, along with representatives from 3Shape, A-dec, Convergent Dental, Dentsply Sirona, and Planmeca, will be available to answer questions, suggest customized solutions, and demonstrate new products, such as 3Shape TRIOS® Move, 3Shape TRIOS® 3 Basic, the A-dec 500 chair, Convergent Dental Solea® Dental Laser, and Dentsply Sirona CEREC® Primescan. Henry Schein’s Exclusive Product Specialists will also be onsite presenting the new Clinician’s Choice Bluewave™ Laser, Reveal™ Clear Aligners, and other exclusive product offerings available from Clinician’s Choice, Sheer White, and Sprig Oral Health Technologies.

Representatives from Henry Schein Dental will be onsite to discuss new business solutions and services, such as the new Office Manager Courses, offered through the Henry Schein Business Solutions’ Dental Business Institute, which originated as a year-long educational program that guides practitioners through the process of applying different business models to their practice vision.

Supporting Education to Optimize Practice Workflow and Success

Education, integration, and support are the cornerstone of Henry Schein’s commitment to helping customers adopt the digital workflow with confidence and succeed in their practice. Throughout the meeting, Henry Schein and its supplier partners will host a series of in-booth presentations and demonstrations showcasing the choice of innovative, scalable digital technologies as well as business solutions that can be effectively integrated into several steps of the clinical workflow. Featured presentations include:

Sunday, December 1, 2019

9:45 a.m.– 12:45 p.m. Tips for Managing Treatment Plan in Dentrix

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.: How to Implement Three Simple Workflows that Power the Most Profitable Practices

Monday, December 2, 2019

9:45 a.m.– 12:45 p.m.: OSHA and Infection Control Compliance Made Easy

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.: Dental Office Design Trends

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

9:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.: Your First Year with Digital Dentistry

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.: Henry Schein Dental Handpiece and Equipment Repair Hand-on Workshop

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

9:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.: Henry Schein Dental Handpiece and Equipment Repair Hand-on Workshop

1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.: 5 Gears for Practice Acceleration: Treatment Planning Partnership

Engaging Thought Leadership Conversations with Industry Leaders

The Henry Schein Media booth (#4330) will serve as the broadcast center, featuring #scheinchats, the Company’s signature social media series available on Facebook that will offer engaging conversations with perspectives from oral health professionals, nonprofits and industry-leading supplier partners. This includes a discussion between Stanley Bergman, Chairman and CEO of Henry Schein, and Craig McKenzie, President of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA), on the future of dentistry.

Visit Henry Schein Dental for details on the business solutions and integrated technologies available to help dental practitioners operate a productive practice, attain business goals, and assist in the delivery of quality patient care.

About Henry Schein, Inc.

Henry Schein, Inc. (HSIC) is a solutions company for health care professionals powered by a network of people and technology. With approximately 19,000 Team Schein Members worldwide, the Company’s network of trusted advisors provides more than 1 million customers globally with more than 300 valued solutions that improve operational success and clinical outcomes. Our Business, Clinical, Technology, and Supply Chain solutions help office-based dental and medical practitioners work more efficiently so they can provide quality care more effectively. These solutions also support dental laboratories, government and institutional health care clinics, as well as other alternate care sites.

Henry Schein operates through a centralized and automated distribution network, with a selection of more than 120,000 branded products and Henry Schein private-brand products in stock, as well as more than 180,000 additional products available as special-order items.

A FORTUNE 500 Company and a member of the S&P 500® and the Nasdaq 100® indexes, Henry Schein is headquartered in Melville, N.Y., and has operations or affiliates in 32 countries. The Company’s sales from continuing operations reached $9.4 billion in 2018, and have grown at a compound annual rate of approximately 13 percent since Henry Schein became a public company in 1995.

For more information, visit Henry Schein at www.henryschein.com, Facebook.com/HenrySchein, and @HenrySchein on Twitter.

New Podcast Series Reconnects Dental Health With Overall Health

Posted on November 21, 2019

While periodontal disease is accepted by the medical community for its links to cardiovascular problems and diabetes, the connection between other dental conditions and whole body health have yet to be extensively recognized.  The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) hopes to change that with its new integrative health podcast series Word of Mouth

"The podcast series we're launching today has a unique focus on the relationship between oral health and overall health, which is also known as the oral-systemic connection," explains IAOMT President Carl McMillan, DMD. "All too often, dentistry is excluded from medical care, resulting in a disconnect between the treatment of the mouth and treatment of the rest of the body. This is dangerous because oral health conditions have been scientifically associated with a wide range of systemic illnesses. We're using our podcast series to raise awareness of this issue and improve public health."

In the first episode of Word of Mouth, IAOMT member and past president, Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD, interviews Dave Warwick, DDS, about his new study evaluating the levels of mercury emitted from dental drilling on amalgam fillings.  They discuss the risks associated with mercury exposure for dental professionals who routinely perform work on amalgam fillings and for patients who have these silver-colored fillings in their mouths.

The additional episodes of the Word of Mouth podcast being released today explore two other major talking points relevant to integrative health. In the second episode, IAOMT member and past president, Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD, interviews Val Kanter, DMD, MS, BCNP, IBDM, about regenerative endodontics and the burgeoning controversy over root canals. The third episode features IAOMT member and past president, Mark Wisniewski, DDS, interviewing Boyd Haley, PhD, about the role of oxidative stress in disease and the ability for heavy metal detoxification to reduce oxidative stress and promote healing.

Future episodes of Word of Mouth are already in production, and the IAOMT expects the podcast to be a long-running series that will forge a more integrated approach to dental and medical care. "What happens in the mouth impacts the rest of the body and vice-versa," IAOMT President McMillan reiterates. "Patients can clearly benefit from an integrative approach to treating the health of their whole body. Our Word of Mouth podcast will spread this important message."

The IAOMT is a global network of health professionals who research the oral-systemic connection and educate about the biocompatibility of dental products and practices. This includes assessing risks of mercury fillings, fluoride, root canals, and jawbone osteonecrosis. The IAOMT is a non-profit organization and has been dedicated to protecting public health and the environment since it was founded in 1984.

New Dentsply Sirona Website Expands World-Class Education Offerings

Posted on November 20, 2019

The Dentsply Sirona Academy provides the clinical and technical knowledge, skills, and inspiration that dental professionals need to develop themselves and their practices. This education encompasses more than 11,000 courses, meetings, and events, 42 Education Centers including those in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Bensheim, Germany, and now an expanded online presence on www.dentsplysirona.com. The “learn” section of the new state-of-the art online platform for the US markets features a customer-focused site design with easy navigation, an easier registration process, and better search options. Above all, dental professionals benefit from a broader selection of courses and videos.

Dental professionals benefit from new courses ranging from quick tips to in-depth procedural webinars

With an already broad selection of endodontics, implants, preventive, and restorative courses and videos, Dentsply Sirona has now added new courses on topics including local anesthesia, digital dentistry, endodontics, implants, oral surgery, practice management, preventive care, and restorative dentistry. The online Academy also offers more than 800 free videoclips that demonstrate tips and tricks for specific dental procedures. Moreover, it is a quick way to access more than 250 of the brightest minds in dentistry. Experts including Dr. Sergio Kuttler, Dr. Natanya Padachey, and Dr. David Wong present the latest evidence-based scientific insights in dentistry.

Key features of the new “learn” section of the website include one-stop access to online and in-person education and an enhanced search and navigation function which makes it easy to search and find live courses, on-demand content, case studies, and webinars. A user-friendly site design completes the web experience.

“The new site was rolled out in phases over the last few months. We expect to continually improve the website based on ongoing testing and customer feedback. In fact, we have already made changes based on input. Our online dental courses are unrivaled in breadth and depth and, with our brand-new website, very convenient to use,” adds Chidam Chidambaram, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital/Marketing Officer at Dentsply Sirona.

“Shop,” “Learn,” “Discover” – an easy and intuitive customer experience

Every element of the customer experience and the back-end infrastructure has been redesigned with the customer in mind. The new website is faster, simpler, and makes it easier for the Endodontics, Orthodontics, & Implants customers in the US to discover, learn, and buy.

A place to buy products is called “Shop.” The shop will allow customers to buy in different ways using search, quick order, reorder, or buy by procedure. Additionally, the site offers comprehensive product information to help customers with their buying decisions, convenient access to account information, order history, and past invoices.

Under “Discover,” customers can explore how best to use products that Dentsply Sirona offers across all major dental procedures.

Digital transformation starts with the customer

Dentsply Sirona’s approach to its digital transformation is to make it easy for the customer to interact with the company. “With our digital transformation initiatives, we will completely change how we approach our customers,” explains CEO Don Casey. “This is all about our customers and how we can make it easy for them to serve their patients and improve their practices.”

Whip Mix Holds 2nd Digital Denture Course

Posted on November 20, 2019

Whip Mix recently held its second participation course entitled "Digital Dentures: From A-Z." This fast-growing area of technology uses CAD CAM techniques and products to produce dentures and requires a detailed understanding to properly manufacture them. The comprehensive hands-on course featured Dr. C. Douglas Weir, covering proper impression-taking in the digital process; Brandon Smith, a 3Shape representative, demonstrating how to design a denture digitally; and Whip Mix’s Bryce Hiller, showing the attendees how to stain and characterize the denture to make it look realistic and natural. The 2-day course is proving to be very popular. Whip Mix is planning several more of them in 2020.


Endodontists from All Three Boston Dental Schools Donate Root Canals to Local Patients in Need

Posted on November 20, 2019

American Association of Endodontists members from Boston, Harvard and Tufts Dental Schools form trifecta of free care on “Teeth Worth Saving Day”

Yesterday, the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) provided more than 50 endodontic treatments (namely root canals) to patients in need in the Boston area. The services were given in collaboration with the endodontics departments at all three Boston dental schools: Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Department of Endodontics; Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Division of Endodontics; and Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Department of Endodontics.

As part of its Worth Saving campaign, which emphasizes the importance of saving natural treasures like your teeth, the AAE held a contest last March spotlighting four beautiful natural landmarks from around the country and asked Americans to vote on which one they felt was most “worth saving.” Boston’s Charles River Esplanade, preserved by the Esplanade Association, won the contest and with it a $20,000 donation from AAE, as well as $30,000 in donated endodontic care for Boston residents.

As home to more dental schools than any other U.S. city, all three Boston dental schools volunteered to provide the endodontic treatments, forming a trifecta of donated care just in time for the holidays. The treatments performed yesterday totaled more than $59,000 in value -- well over the amount promised.

“We’re thrilled to give back to the city of Boston and to collaborate with the endodontics departments of renowned dental schools in the area,” said Keith V. Krell, D.D.S., M.S., M.A., president of the AAE. “We are grateful for the schools’ generosity. And congratulations to the Charles River Esplanade for winning our contest and reminding us that there is so much worth saving – from natural landmarks to our natural teeth.”

Patients were pre-screened and pre-qualified based on need. From the Department of Endodontics at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, a staff of 14 residents and three faculty participated in the initiative, treating 15 patients. Additionally, a team of three dental assistants and five administration staff led coordination efforts.

At Harvard University to Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Division of Endodontics, a staff of six residents performed treatments, along with two faculty and more than 10 dental student and first-year resident volunteers, on a total of 17 patients. Procedures included root canal treatment, retreatment, vital pulp therapy and some restorative work. They also had great assistance from their colleagues at the Charles River Community Health Center, to find the patients in need.

At Boston University Department of Endodontics, three administrative staff and two dental assistants provided support and coordination for 19 residents and six faculty members to help save teeth through endodontic procedures in an exceptional event. Patients from local health centers (including Harbor Health and Dimock) and internal patients with specific financial needs were treated within the postgraduate clinic at the Goldman School of Dental Medicine. A total of 20 endodontic procedures were successfully performed on 19 patients at Boston University.

About the American Association of Endodontists: The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) is headquartered in Chicago and represents more than 8,000 members worldwide. Endodontics is one of nine dental specialties formally recognized by the American Dental Association. The AAE, founded in 1943, is dedicated to excellence in the art and science of endodontics and to the highest standard of patient care. The Association inspires its members to pursue professional advancement and personal fulfillment through education, research, advocacy, leadership, communication and service. For more information about the AAE, visit the Association’s website at aae.org. For more patient focused information, visit aae.org/patients.

Dentsply Sirona’s First US Installation of State-of-the-Art Student Simulator Units Starts at University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry

Posted on November 20, 2019

Leading manufacturer of digital dental equipment and education systems Dentsply Sirona continues to shape young dentists of tomorrow with the successful installation of a simulation and technology lab for pre-clinical education at University of Missouri-Kansas City Dental School (UMKC).The installation, led by Dentsply Sirona’s International Special Clinic Solutions (ISCS) division, introduced more than a hundred new and ergonomically accurate simulator units which enable UMKC dental students to practice on "close to real life" models.

A realistic environment to train future dentists

Last month, two UMKC training laboratories were equipped with 109 Intego student simulator units and two instructor units for its School of Dentistry students. The upgraded training labs now allow students to learn and practice in a realistic clinical setting from the very start as all dental procedures can be simulated under ergonomic conditions with correct instrumentation technique. The configuration of the workstations allows utmost flexibility, such as easy switching from right-handed treatments to left-handed. Thanks to its modular concept, the units are also suitable for both UMKC dental and dental hygiene curricula and include the option to add further functions and technological updates in digital dentistry in the future. 

"The planning and research process were crucial to the success of this project at UMKC. Working closely with the university leaders to map their ideas and visions for the upcoming years allowed us to deliver an individually tailored product and training portfolio from start to finish,” says Peter Rössling, Dentsply Sirona Sales Director of International Special Clinic Solutions USA/Canada. “This is our first simulator installation of its kind in the US, and we look forward to bringing our technology to more students in the country.”

Universities and large clinics all around the globe from Germany to South Africa and New Zealand trust the long-term expertise of Dentsply Sirona’s ISCS division and its comprehensive approach. From consultation and planning to training and global support, ISCS ensures each customer’s unique vision is brought to life.

The high-quality equipment at UMKC has been designed and produced in Germany using particularly robust materials ideal for university settings.

UMKC – A world-class institution for excellence in oral healthcare education

Since 1881, UMKC School of Dentistry has been offering a varied and complete range of educational experiences for students of dentistry and dental hygiene, as well as students for Advanced Education and continuing education. The faculty comprises scholars, scientists and specialists—all dedicated to providing a high quality and comprehensive education, which is now enhanced by the new modern dental equipment from Dentsply Sirona. “The lab is spectacular. This will give our students more real-life experiences before performing dental care on people,” says Marsha Pyle, Dean of the UMKC School of Dentistry.

Glidewell Dental Unveils Dynamic Education Center for Emerging Techniques in Dental Technology

Posted on November 19, 2019

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., November 19, 2019 - On Sept. 16, 2019, Glidewell Dental hosted California State Senator Ling Ling Chang for the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the company’s all-new, 10,000-square-foot Education Center. True to the company’s emphasis on dental technology and research and development, the new facility features two large classrooms, state-of-the-art displays, and connectivity to numerous Glidewell campuses to promote large-scale and remote training for laboratory technicians and a range of other dental professionals who form the backbone of the company’s industry-leading dental lab services.

“I’ve toured a ton of companies and I’ve not seen anything like this,” Senator Chang said. “You have a whole environment geared toward supporting your employees, and it’s absolutely amazing.”

Imbued with CAD/CAM technology and the industry’s latest dental software and lab equipment, the Education Center advances the longstanding mission of President and CEO Jim Glidewell, CDT, to develop the careers and skillsets of the company’s employees while implementing technologies that make dentistry more precise and efficient.

“Investing our resources in R&D and our employees has always been a top priority for our company,” Glidewell said. “Our new education center embodies that principle and will help our employees as they strive toward bigger and brighter futures in dental technology.”

Senator Chang observed: “It seems like a very family-oriented environment. I was just telling Mr. Glidewell that folks constantly bring up the future of work and the concern about technology taking over, but he has been able to continue growing his workforce even with technology being part of the organization. That speaks volumes, and I’m going to bring my colleagues down here to take a tour of this amazing organization because this is truly a model.” Senator Chang went on to favorably compare Glidewell to other high-profile companies driving job growth through technological innovation.

With about 50 Glidewell managers and executives in attendance, Senator Chang commemorated the Center’s opening with an official Certificate of Recognition presented to Glidewell Dental “in celebration of your new educational facility and in honor of your commitment to the community.”

At GNYDM 2019: Owandy Radiology Introduces the Smallest Plate Scanner in Dentistry

Posted on November 19, 2019

Owandy-CR2 Delivers High Quality Images with Excellent Contrast; Including Digital Radiographs Taken at Low Radiation Doses

Owandy Radiology Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of dental radiology hardware and imaging software, will be showcasing its recently-launched Owandy-CR2 intraoral imaging plate scanner during the Greater New York Dental Meeting in booth #5236.

According to Owandy company spokesman Boris Loyez, “The Owandy-CRpacks an incredible amount of performance and value into its remarkably small size. Its cutting- edge reading head produces accurate images even at low radiation doses and its specially-engineered image filters deliver high quality images with excellent contrast.”

The Owandy-CRis the perfect plate scanning solution for a wide range of clinical applications, including endodontics, prosthetics, implantology, periodontics, orthodontics and caries diagnosis.

This scanner is highly intuitive, thanks to sensors that automatically detect the size and insertion direction of the plates being scanned. It was designed for proprietary use with Owandy plates and can scan the following Owandy plate sizes: #0 – child, #1 – incisor block, #2 adult, #3 – bitewing, #4 – occlusal block. The complete list of Owandy-CRfeatures includes the following:

·       Smallest plate scanning system on the market

·       No complicated user interfaces

·       No buttons – Automatic plate detection and image display

·       Optimized sensitivity – High definition at low doses

·       Scans 4 Owandy plate sizes for optimal versatility

·       Automatic wakeup and standby mode

·       Ethernet or USB versions available

During the Greater New York Dental Meeting, the Owandy CR2, regularly priced at  $7,190.00 will be available at the discounted price of $6.490.00 - a $700.00 savings. To download a complete list of GNYDM show specials, click here.

The launch of the CR2  is part of Owandy’s strategic plan to coordinate major product launches around its U.S. dental meeting schedule. For example, the company debuted ungraded version of its popular I-Max 3-D during the recent ADA/FDI meeting.

The launch of the CR2 is part of Owandy’s strategic plan to coordinate major product launches around its U.S. dental meeting schedule. For example, the company debuted an upgraded version of its popular I-Max 3-D Panoramic System during the recent ADA/FDI meeting. Innovative new features included improved face scanning and airway imaging, which improve diagnosis, treatment planning and patient acceptance for the most common and profitable dental procedures, including dental sleep medicine. The I-Max 3-D will also be on display at GNYDM.

For more information about the Owandy-CR2 intraoral imaging plate scanner and other Owandy innovations, visit www.owandy.com, call 203-745-0575 or e-mail at sales@owandyus.com. Distributor inquiries are always welcome.

About Owandy Radiology, Inc.

Headquartered in France, and serving North America from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Owandy Radiology is a global leader in the manufacture of dental radiology hardware and imaging software. Its products are distributed through dental dealers across the USA, and in 50 countries world-wide, on every continent.


Incisal Edge earns 3 FOLIO: Eddie & Ozzie Awards

Posted on November 19, 2019

Incisal Edge earns top spot in three categories and honorable mention in nine during the 2019 FOLIO: Eddie & Ozzie Awards that celebrate excellence in journalism and design across all sectors of publishing.The nation’s premier dental lifestyle magazine -- Incisal Edge, published by Benco Dental since 1997 -- is recognized for its offerings across digital and print media, as well as video. Winners from B2B, consumer, association and regional publishing brands were announced during a celebratory gala on October 30 during The FOLIO: Show at the Hilton Midtown in New York City.

In the B2B, Healthcare / Medical / Nursing category, Larry Cohen, Chairman and Chief Customer Advocate for Benco Dental received an Eddie for “Larry’s Collection,” a column on dental artifacts culled from hundreds in his personal reserve. Kristie Ceruti, the magazine’s Digital Editor, garnered an Eddie for a series of articles that takes an architectural and interior design tour of the country’s most impressive dental practices. IncisalEdgeMagazine.com received an Eddie for website with a revamp of the digital product by Christopher Cruz, Kevin Garubba, Kristie Ceruti, Rachel Pugh and Loriah Webby.

Categories in which Incisal Edge received honorable mention awards include:

Eddies, awards for journalism

·       Video, B2B, Healthcare / Medical / Nursing: Incisal Edge, “I Am Lucy Hobbs” by Eric Larsen

Ozzies, awards for design

·       Cover Design, B2B, Above 100,000 Circulation: Incisal Edge, Fall 2018 by Loriah Webby

·       Feature Design, B2B, Above 100,000 Circulation: Incisal Edge, 40 Under 40: the 8th annual Kind of Blue, Fall 2018 by Loriah Webby

·       Overall Design (Single Magazine Issue), B2B: Incisal Edge, True North: Winter 2019 by the Incisal Edge Design team of Sharon Fiorini, Donna Shrader, Jimmy Musto and Loriah Webby.

·       Photography, B2B, Print: Incisal Edge, True North: Winter 2019 by Eric Larsen

·       Site Design, B2B: Incisal Edge, IncisalEdgeMagazine.com by Christopher Cruz and Kevin Garubba

"Our readers are a constant source of inspiration, and Incisal Edge is the direct result. Their passion unites us around the shared purpose of driving dentistry forward, and that in turn pushes us to constantly elevate our standards of quality," said Incisal Edge co-founder Chuck Cohen. "We're very proud that our team's hard work is being recognized alongside so many worthy fellow nominees.”

The Folio: team, along with their panel of 200+ judges, received more than 2,000 entries submitted this year in 33 categories. Other publishers among the 2019 finalists are: ESPN the Magazine, Forbes Media, Hearst Magazines, Meredith Corporation and Variety. View the full list here.

Incisal Edge is a previous recipient of an Ozzie Award for Under40Summit.com in the category of Site Design for in 2018. To learn more about Incisal Edge, visit: http://www.incisaledgemagazine.com/


1.      18_IncisalEdge_Larry’s Collection: — Incisal Edge earns top spot in three categories and honorable mention in nine during the 2019 FOLIO: Eddie & Ozzie Awards that celebrate excellence in journalism and design across all sectors of publishing. In the B2B, Healthcare / Medical / Nursing category, Larry Cohen, Chairman and Chief Customer Advocate for Benco Dental received an Eddie for “Larry’s Collection,” (shown) a column on dental artifacts culled from hundreds in his personal reserve.

2.     18_IncisalEdge_SeriesofArticles_Ceruti.jpg: — Incisal Edge earns top spot in three categories and honorable mention in nine during the 2019 FOLIO: Eddie & Ozzie Awards that celebrate excellence in journalism and design across all sectors of publishing. Kristie Ceruti (shown) garnered an Eddie for a series of articles that takes an architectural and interior design tour of the country’s most impressive dental practices.

About Incisal Edge

Knowledge. Success. Life. Those three words, printed on the cover of every issue, guide editorial content for the national’s premier dental lifestyle magazine -- Incisal Edge. Published by Benco Dental since 1997, Incisal Edge celebrates dentists’ achievements both inside the operatory and during their hard-earned downtime. Known for its “40 Under 40 — America’s Best Young Dentists,” which highlights the country’s brightest rising stars, the magazine’s content ranges from “The 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry” and news about the latest techniques, tools, and dental practice designs, to the best in travel, automobiles, and timepieces. Incisal Edge magazine’s print edition reaches 130,000 readers quarterly via a direct mail distribution package with Dentaltown magazine. Digitally, incisaledgemagazine.com, leads with dynamic visuals and follows with exclusive web content, an improved mobile experience, and a centralized nomination hub for the magazine’s signature awards: the aforementioned 40 Under 40, the Lucy Hobbs Project Awards for Exemplary Women in Dentistry and the Incisal Edge Design Competition for interior design, architecture and space planning within the dental profession.

About Benco Dental

Benco Dental, headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is the largest privately-owned dental distributor in the United States, offering a full array of supplies, equipment and services to dentists across the nation.  Founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, the company has remained focused on its unique mission to drive dentistry forward through innovative solutions and caring family culture. Within the past 88 years, the company has grown from a single downtown location to a national network that includes five distribution centers, and three design showrooms, one at the company’s Pa. headquarters, one in Southern California, and one in Texas. Benco, which has been named one of Fortune Best Workplaces in Health Care and Biopharma for the past three years, one of the NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women for the second consecutive year, and Pennsylvania’s Best Places to Work® for 12 of the past 14 years, is proud to feature a highly skilled team of more than 400 professionally trained sales representatives and over 300 factory-trained service technicians. For more information, visit benco.com or call 1.800.GO.BENCO.

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