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Spear Announces New Half-Day Seminar Featuring Frank Spear Coming to a City Near You

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2024

Spear Education is happy to announce an upcoming half-day seminar featuring internationally acclaimed dentist and educator, Dr. Frank Spear. Titled Minimally Invasive Principles in Comprehensive Care, this unique event is scheduled to take place in three cities this spring including: April 12, 2024, in Dallas, TX, May 3, 2024, in Washington, D.C., and May 31, 2024, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dental professionals are invited to join this transformative seminar, promising to equip attendees with expert insights, practical solutions, and an innovative approach to addressing complex dental conditions. Key Highlights of the Seminar

During this dynamic session, participants will actively engage with real-world challenges, exploring decision-making processes for tooth retention versus removal. Dr. Spear, recognized globally as a premier educator in esthetic and restorative dentistry, will delve into long-term success rates based on literature findings, analyze the impact of patient age on treatment decisions, and provide valuable insights into forward-looking considerations influencing current choices.

What You'll Learn:

• Decision-making flow for tooth retention vs. removal

• Long-term success rates from literature findings

• Impact of patient age on treatment decisions

• Forward-looking considerations influencing current choices

About the Instructor:

Dr. Frank Spear continues to be acknowledged as one of the foremost educators in esthetic and restorative dentistry worldwide. The mastermind behind Spear Education's Facially Generated Treatment Planning (FGTP) workshops, Dr. Spear introduced this revolutionary concept in 1986 at the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry meeting in Colorado Springs, CO.

With a prolific professional history dating back to the late 1970s, Dr. Spear has authored over 40 articles in various dental publications and maintains a busy lecture schedule, presenting dental continuing education in North America, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Spear maintains a busy lecture schedule, presenting dental continuing education in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Cost: Members: $145 Non-members: $345

Limited spots are available so reserve your seat now here:


Case photography by Spear Faculty.

Stratasys Teams Up with Express Dental to Donate 3D-printed Dentures in Support of the Oklahoma Dental Association’s Mission of Mercy

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2024

More than 55 patients in need were scanned and received TrueDent™ dentures within 24 hours

Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSYS), a leader in polymer 3D printing solutions, announced today that it had partnered with Express Dental Labs of Norman, Oklahoma at the recent Oklahoma Dental Association Mission of Mercy (OkMOM) event to provide full and partial dentures to more than 55 people in need.

The OkMOM is a two-day event that provides free essential dental care to individuals who may otherwise lack access to such services. The event took place in Lawton Oklahoma and brought together dental professionals, volunteers, and organizations to address the oral health needs of underserved populations.

Each patient that received dentures had an inter-oral scan completed the first day, which Express Dental Labs used to create the dentures with the Stratasys’ J5 DentaJet® 3D Printer and TrueDent resin. The dentures were printed overnight and delivered by participating dentists the following day, giving patients a new smile with well fitting, natural looking dentures, within 24 hours.

“It is awesome that we can do this for the community,” said Tra’ Chambers, Owner, Express Dental Labs. “Traditionally, dentures are labor intensive to manufacture, but when using Stratasys technology, we can serve many more patients in a shorter amount of time. The dentures we print are highly accurate, matching the patient’s gum and tooth color, so the dentures look great and fit well. Also, because the entire denture is printed as one piece and does not require any manual intervention, once the digital design is created, if the patient loses their dentures, a replacement can be created overnight with the digital record we have on file.”

This is the second year Express Dental Labs has used the Stratasys TrueDent solution. Last year, nearly 40 Oklahomans in need received new dentures as part of the OkMOM event.

“It is truly gratifying to witness the positive impact that our technology, and the expertise of Express Dental Labs, has on the lives of those in need, restoring their confidence and enhancing quality of life with better looking and fitting dentures,” said Ronen Lebi, Vice President, Dental, Stratasys. “We anticipate continued growth in the adoption of technologies like TrueDent. It increases efficiency and reduces turnaround time for labs, while lowering the number of visits and overall chair time for patients.”

TrueDent dentures are a full-color, single continuous print of both denture base and teeth. Stratasys technology enables multi-colored, personalized appliances to be printed simultaneously on a single high-capacity tray.

Transform Your Team with a Dynamic Team-Building Workshop in 2024

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Spear Education presents a unique two-day, in-person workshop tailored to dental teams – Dynamic Team Strategies for an Ever-Changing World. This experience is designed to fortify and cultivate high-performance, a golden opportunity to shape the future success of your practice.

Need a Team-Building Activity for 2024? Spear's Dynamic Team Strategies for an Ever-Changing World workshop will help your entire team connect and develop strategies for practice innovation. As the industry continues to place heightened emphasis on cohesive and growth-oriented teams, this workshop aims to equip dental professionals with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in today's dynamic practice environment.

Why Teamwork Matters in Dentistry

Dentistry is a team sport. The success of patient outcomes is intricately linked to the collaborative efforts of a united office working towards a common vision. This new workshop will elevate teamwork to new heights, enabling even the most accomplished teams to enhance their performance and enjoy the daily work experience to its fullest. Regardless of the current state of your practice, a pause to revisit and reinforce the elements that initially contributed to its greatness is a strategic move that promises substantial returns.

A Transformative Workshop Experience for the Entire Team

Led by Spear Education's Vice President of Practice Growth Strategies, Amy Morgan, and Spear's co-founder, Dr. Frank Spear, this workshop guarantees an immersive and interactive experience. Participants will delve into the core elements fostering change and growth through entertaining and engaging activities. Existing strengths will be acknowledged and celebrated, while proactive planning for future success opportunities will be a focal point.

Participants will gain insights into:

- Unifying with a common purpose and vision without sacrificing individuality.

- Implementing change management strategies to propel the practice towards a shared vision.

- Developing team communication skills that ensure every voice is heard.

- Mastering the art of effective problem-solving to meet daily challenges.

- Creating team alignment and synergy amid a busy schedule.

- Recognizing the forward progress of both individuals and the team.

- A path to empowerment and growth.

The workshop is being offered the following dates:

- April 11 – 12, 2024

- Aug. 2 – 3, 2024

- Oct. 25 – 26, 2024

Register now for Dynamic Team Strategies for an Ever-Changing World and embark on a journey of growth, unity, and success with your team.

Time, Energy, and Money Saver: The Panthera Fusion Bar™ redefines the dental restoration process

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Introducing the first splitting protocol on the market that allows in-lab milling of the overlay while Panthera manufactures the implant bar. This new solution is a fusion between strength and aesthetic, thus creating a single and unique entity.

Panthera Dental (Quebec, Canada), a global leader in CAD/CAM implant solutions and dental sleep appliance development, proudly presents the Panthera Fusion Bar (PFB), a groundbreaking product aimed at redefining dental restorations. Meticulously engineered based on dental science principles, this innovative solution combines strength and aesthetic with a synchronized workflow, creating the perfect fusion for time, energy and money savings.

Thanks to Panthera’s comprehensive compatibility list, the Panthera Fusion Bar solution can be adapted to more than 700 different implants, eliminating the need for Multi-Unit Abutments. The rounded angle at the top of the bar, the 10° buccal chamfer and the polished intaglio surface, guarantee a perfect seating position, eliminates pressure points and offers enhanced hygiene benefits. The low-profile of the bar eliminates the need to reduce bone and streamlines the restoration process. The implant bar is customized for the patient and designed based on the soft tissues, implant position and the dental setup, offering a truly personalized patient-centric solution.

Complementing these bar features are the overlay benefits. Introducing the first splitting protocol on the market that allows in-lab milling of the overlay with the material of your choice, whether Zirconia or printed or milled PMMA. The Panthera’s bar extraction proprietary technology ensures the straight milling line overlay without any undercut and, as a result, facilitating the lab production and bar insertion.

“The Panthera Fusion Bar gives unique possibilities for dental labs. As a trusted outsourcing partner, our customers expect a seamless ordering experience and a quick turnaround to confidently deliver optimal product to their patient. Using the PFB solution allows any lab to benefit from smooth in-office overlay manufacturing in the material of their choice while Panthera manufactures the implant bar.” says Gabriel Robichaud, CEO of Panthera Dental. “This can help any dental lab save time and money in day to-day operations and total treatment time and allows them to focus more on the patient.”

Whether you choose to outsource the bar and overlay to Panthera or if you choose to handle the overlay yourself, both alternatives ensure a smooth and synchronized workflow to move the patient forward from healing process with temporary until the final definitive restoration is fitted to the PFB.

The Panthera Fusion Bar will be officially presented at the LMT LabDay Chicago 2024 in a film entitled Back To The Fusion starring Hugo Hébert and Jeffrey Dugré. Discover the product and meet the team on February 23 and 24, booth B-27 - C-26.

More info about the Panthera Fusion BarTM are available at:

Dentsply Sirona Offers New On-Demand Aligner Course Series

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Dentsply Sirona’s new Aligner Course Series is designed to build and expand clinicians’ skills through self-paced, user-friendly, interactive online learning. The continuing education (CE) courses, available through DS Academy, support clinicians in orthodontic aligner treatments.

The Aligner Course Series is an on-demand program designed to equip dental practitioners with the knowledge and skills to excel in aligner therapy. The self-paced curriculum enables clinicians to progress through learning modules at their own speed and according to their own schedule.

Advance aligner therapy practice with confidence: Individual learning journey to expand dental skills

The Aligner Learning Series consists of nine courses, categorized into three levels: Foundational, Procedure-based, and Mastery. The Foundational level, which lays the groundwork for understanding key concepts and principles, includes two expert-led courses covering the biomechanics of tooth movement and aligners, as well as occlusion and alignment problems. These courses provide a solid foundation for practitioners looking to delve into aligner therapy.

● Course 1: Biomechanics of Tooth Movement & Aligners, Dr. Tyler Rathburn

● Course 2: Occlusion & Alignment Problems, Dr. Sara Mahmood

“I highly recommend the orthodontic Learning Series for anyone who may be interested in growing this sector of their clinical life,” says Sara Mahmood, DDS from Dallas, TX United States, a Dentsply Sirona educator and key opinion leader. “The key takeaway from my course is simple. Malocclusion is a disease process that clinicians should diagnose and treat like they do everyday conditions such as caries and periodontal disease. It's our responsibility to understand and educate the ins and outs of misaligned teeth and to subsequently offer solutions to our patients.”

Procedural Courses

Moving on to the Procedure-based level, five courses delve into various aspects of aligner therapy. These courses are ideal for clinicians seeking a comprehensive understanding of identifying and treating aligner case types efficiently and predictably.

● Course 3: Case Diagnosis and Patient Selection, Dr. Kelly Toft

● Course 4: Treatment Plan & Prescription, Dr. Geoff Stone

● Course 5: Digital Treatment Plan for Aligner Therapy, Dr. Anthony Ponzio

● Course 6: Starting & Managing Treatment, Dr. Karin Frank

● Course 7: Clear Aligner Capstone, Dr. Jeff Rohde

Mastery Courses

For those seeking to master complex cases, Dentsply Sirona offers two Mastery courses providing participants with the expertise necessary to handle the most challenging aligner therapy cases with confidence and precision.

● Course 8: Diagnosing & Treatment Planning Complex Cases, Dr. Josh Rowley

● Course 9: Advanced Capstone, Dr. James Taylor

“We are dedicated to supporting dental professionals by providing comprehensive educational resources,” said Erania Brackett, Senior Vice President of Orthodontic Aligners Solutions and Customer Experience at Dentsply Sirona. “We understand the challenges dental practitioners face when it comes to continuing education. The Aligner Learning Series has been thoughtfully designed to address those challenges and provide an engaging and flexible learning experience; we aim to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge required to achieve optimal patient outcomes, elevate their practices and advance with confidence.”

Clinical Education at Dentsply Sirona: Empowering dental professionals in excellent patient outcomes and career advancement

The Aligner Course Series is part of Dentsply Sirona’s Academy Clinical Education offering, which includes learnings series related to Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, Endodontics, Implants, and Sustainability. By expanding their access to educational resources, Dentsply Sirona aims to support dental professionals at every step in their career and keep them updated with the latest industry advancements.

The new Aligner Course Series are now available on Dentsply Sirona’s website.

Aligner Course Series | Dentsply Sirona Global

Dentsply Sirona’s DS Academy Campus is an additional touch point to engage with the DS Academy for clinical, technical, and product education. From digital aligner workflows to integrating artificial intelligence into the dental practice, Dentsply Sirona aims to foster a thriving DS Academy community. We extend a warm invitation to dental professionals worldwide, inviting them to embark on a journey of learning and self-development, empowering both themselves and their practices with unwavering confidence.

To register for the new DS Campus and access a plethora of high-quality clinical education content including the webinars, please visit:

Talladium Milling Center Announces New Technician

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2024

Talladium Milling Center (TMC) is pleased to welcome Charlie Azar to its team of dental professionals. Charlie joined TMC on January 8, 2024 in the capacity of Sr. Dental Lab Technician and is responsible for the overall design and delivery of high-quality dental restorations to meet customer needs.

In addition to Charlie’s education in digital technology, he is a certified 3Shape trainer. Charlie is also one of the 7% of professionals in digital dentistry that possess more than 15 years of experience. In fact, Charlie owned and operated his own fully digital milling center for approximately 10 years, fabricating custom crown and bridge dental restorations, specializing in implants, and delivering personalized customer service.

Talladium Milling Center is excited to see Charlie apply his industry experience and education to help grow its business. The team knows that his level of technical expertise and specialized customer service will fit the needs of their customers perfectly, and help expand business relationships to new customers seeking technically proficient resources.

Dentsply Sirona and the Foundation for Endodontics to Award Scholarships for Aspiring Endodontic Specialists

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2024

Dentsply Sirona and the Foundation for Endodontics are proud to support three annual scholarships for endodontic residency students. The current application period for the first three scholarships runs through March 15, 2024.

Studying dentistry often means incurring high debt. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the average amount owed after graduation is around $300,000.* This financial burden is an important factor in deciding to become a dentist, and where to specialize.

Financial Support for Aspiring Endodontic Specialists

The “Foundation for Endodontics and Dentsply Sirona Freedom Scholarship” is a joint project of Dentsply Sirona and Foundation for Endodontics. The scholarships will provide financial assistance toward tuition fees for second or third-year endodontic residents.

Key Features of the Foundation for Endodontics and Dentsply Sirona Freedom Scholarship:

• Five-Year Commitment: Dentsply Sirona has pledged a five-year commitment to contribute $150,000 annually to the Foundation for Endodontics, which will manage the scholarship recipient selection process and fund distribution.

• Annual Awards: Each year, three meritorious endodontic residents will receive a one-time $50,000 scholarship to assist them with the cost of tuition, courses, equipment, books and other training-related expenses.

• Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must be post-graduate residents of CODA-accredited endodontic programs in the United States or Canada. They must also be citizens or permanent residents of these countries, with a GPA of 3.1 or higher in dental school and endodontic residency.

• Application Process: The application process includes an online form, a personal statement, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and documentation of tuition and fees. The submission deadline for the upcoming academic year is March 15, 2024.

Advancing endodontics—because every tooth counts

"Every tooth is important," says Andrew Robinson, Senior Vice President, North America Regional Commercial Organization at Dentsply Sirona. "Preserving natural teeth improves overall health and sets the stage for a healthy, natural smile. We want to help endodontists move forward with confidence on their journey."

Dr. Margot Kusienski, President of Foundation for Endodontics expressed enthusiasm for the program: "We are thrilled to partner with Dentsply Sirona to create the Foundation for Endodontics and Dentsply Sirona Freedom Scholarship. By providing substantial financial support, we aim to empower talented endodontic residents to pursue their passion without the overwhelming burden of student debt."

The Freedom Scholarship Committee will review applications and determine scholarship winners in partnership with the Foundation's Board of Trustees. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the AAE APICES meeting in August 2024, an annual event for AAE Resident members and recent graduates.


** All information for candidates, program guidelines, and all criteria can be found here: 

DIA and Women in DSO Join Forces to Empower Women in Dental Entrepreneurship and Investing

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA), and Women in DSO (WinDSO) proudly announce a strategic partnership aimed at advancing women as entrepreneurs and investors in the dental industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in fostering diversity and inclusion within the dental space.

As two leading organizations dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in dentistry, DIA and WinDSO recognize the importance of supporting and empowering women in leadership roles. Through this partnership, both organizations will leverage their respective expertise and resources to provide women with the tools, mentorship, and networking opportunities needed to thrive as entrepreneurs and investors.

Founded on the principles of education, advocacy, and collaboration, DIA is committed to driving innovation and fostering collaboration among dental professionals to improve patient care and enhance practice success. Similarly, Women in DSO is dedicated to advancing women's leadership and professional development within the DSO community through mentorship, networking, and educational initiatives.

"We are thrilled to partner with Women in DSO to continue to push the industry forward and to intentionally empower women in the process," shares Tomm Sharpe, Managing Partner of DIA. "Through this partnership, we can amplify our efforts to provide women with the necessary support and guidance to succeed as entrepreneurs and investors in this rapidly evolving landscape."

"We believe that we can empower women as leaders and decision-makers to drive positive change and innovation within the dental industry," says Dr. Aman Kaur, Founder and President of Women in DSO. "This strategic partnership aims to create a more inclusive and equitable environment where women can thrive and make meaningful contributions to the future of dentistry."

Together, DIA and WinDSO will collaborate on various initiatives, including educational workshops, networking events, and mentorship programs designed to equip women with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to succeed in dental entrepreneurship and venture capital investing.

To start, DIA is excited to launch Entrepreneurship Corner, a resource for women leaders who want to explore entrepreneurship. It begins with a breakout session, "A Step by Step Breakdown of the Dental Entrepreneurship Process," at Women in DSO's upcoming Empower and Grow conference, where over 900 attendees are expected. Join DIA and Women in DSO at the event and meet and learn from DIA team members Kentucky Morrow, Kate Orr, and Thomas Sharpe who will be onsite.

Assured Dental Lab Announces New DreamAligners™

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

The innovative design of DreamAligners™ guarantees a constant and reliable force, delivering exceptional benefits: precise fit for optimal results, sustained force retention, accelerated treatment protocol, unmatched durability and patient comfort. DreamAligners resist tearing and staining; staying clear for inconspicuous treatment. Ideal for mild to moderate cases including: crowding, open bite, spacing, midline shift and overbite. The ultimate solution for anterior and premolar malocclusion. Contact Assured Dental Lab 877.283.5351,

VideaHealth Delivers 80% Improvement in True Pediatric Caries Identification with First and Only FDA-cleared Dental AI Pediatric Algorithm

Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2024

Consumer survey shows more than 60% more likely to accept treatment when aware of dental AI

VideaHealth, the leading dental artificial intelligence (AI) platform, announced new capabilities that enable pediatric dental clinicians across the country to offer their patients, and parents of patients, a significantly higher standard of care. With the only FDA-cleared pediatric dental AI capabilities of its kind, data shows that VideaAI offers an 80% improvement in true pediatric caries identification, while achieving an overall clinically beneficial detection rate.

Florian Hillen, CEO, VideaHealth, said, "Dental decay is the most significant unmet health treatment need among young people. And, because our mission is to support dental clinicians with the best possible dental AI for their patients, pediatrics cannot be overlooked. We're thrilled to announce this massive leap forward in driving more accurate diagnoses, thereby enabling pediatric dentists to spend extra time on comfort and patient management, knowing that their diagnosis will be validated."

This is the first and only FDA-cleared dental AI pediatric algorithm on the market.

VideaAI includes AI detection capabilities for pediatric caries detection for ages three years and older as well as many other AI models that allow for subtle detections across many ages. Particular impact is noted when identifying possible diseases in mixed dentition, overcoming one of the largest diagnostic challenges facing pediatric dentists. The most significant address attrition/grinding as well as broken/chipped teeth, which are the most frequent and troublesome dental issues for children 3+, as well as Dens Invaginatus and Widened periodontal ligament. For pediatric patients 12+ there are AI detections for calculus as well.

Consumer data suggests that Americans are eager for dental AI to be used in their care. Newly released data highlights parents' attitudes and behaviors related to dental care. It confirm that children's dental care is the top oral health priority for parents, exceeding even their own dental care needs. Nearly 75% of parents take their children to the dentist at least two times a year. Moreover, parents show more than 60% are more likely to take a dentist's recommendation after learning how AI can help.

Hillen concluded, "The benefit of dental AI doesn't stop at the point of diagnosis. Just as importantly, VideaAI helps to build trust with parents. Our precise and easily understood visual representation can be shared with parents as a part of the patient education process and when discussing treatment recommendations."

For more information, visit

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