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H3D: AutoDesign. Re-inventing CAD Design through AI.

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2024

H3D is an Australian PhD research spinout who have been developing their AI CAD technology, AutoDesign, since 2018. AutoDesign is the leading AI CAD solution in the Hearing Aid industry where it is used by iconic brands, such as Logitech, to address CAD technician shortages.

Now, the company is entering the Dental industry, starting with AI CAD for Splints, Models and Trays. "Unlike other AI CAD providers, AutoDesign is purpose-built for labs, not clinics. It’s an industrial solution, and with that comes higher quality standards, powerful customizability, and faster speeds” says Iain Mcleod, CEO.

How It Works

Using AutoDesign is as easy as following 3 steps: (I) upload cases; (II) click the “Automate Design” button; (III) review and download the CAD designs. It has been designed to be simple enough that it can be operated by any lab staff, not just CAD technicians.

Labs can use AutoDesign’s powerful customizability to suit their specific needs. Various CAD settings can be adjusted, such as thickness, undercuts, and offsets. Additionally, when new labs are onboarded, AutoDesign is calibrated to their unique CAD style and artistry. “Our goal is for AutoDesign CAD to be indistinguishable from that made via a lab’s current workflow” says Iain Mcleod, CEO.

Each case takes less than 15 minutes to process. More importantly, multiple cases can be processed in parallel, so it still only takes 15 minutes whether you’re processing 1 case or 100. “Since AutoDesign always return designs in 15 minutes, labs don’t just use AutoDesign at the end of the day for overflow and leftover cases. Instead, it’s their primary CAD workflow, used all day, every day”.

Other time-saving features include Templates and API Integrations. Templates allow labs to save their commonly used CAD settings, removing the need to repetitively enter the same settings. API Integrations enable labs to connect other software systems to AutoDesign (e.g. order management, scanning, CAM), thus automating the need to manually upload-download cases to AutoDesign.

Labs can expect a success rate of >95%. This means that >95% of cases processed with AutoDesign are accepted by customers with no touch-ups required, which is far higher than existing AI CAD solutions. Cases that aren’t accepted are reprocessed using traditional CAD, and labs are not charged for these. “Due to its industrial focus, AutoDesign has the world’s highest AI CAD success rate” says Iain Mcleod, CEO.

AutoDesign for Splints and Models will be released in August 2024, with Custom Trays, Crowns, and Dentures following. Prices are starting at $10/Splint, $1.8/Model and $2.5/Tray.

AutoDesign accepts most major files systems. There is no set-up or license fee involved – you only pay for what you use. To learn more, contact or click here.

H3D Auto Design is a great solution for labs who are held back by the shortage of CAD technicians or for labs that wish to scale up their business responsibly.


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