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Special Issues
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Restorative Procedures with Flowable Technology

All-in-one material offers precise delivery and preventive benefits


Traditional methods of filling and packing hybrid composites are both time consuming and technique-sensitive. If the operator does not create a tight marginal seal or ensure the absence of voids, postoperative sensitivity and/or failure of the restoration can occur. One goal in creating next-generation composite materials, therefore, is to make placement efficient while also ensuring excellent long-term outcomes. BEAUTIFIL® Flow Plus (Figure 1 and Figure 2), a flowable composite from Shofu, is one such material. it features outstanding handling capabilities that helps resolve technique issues and Giomer technology, which provides unique, sustained restorative benefits.

A major challenge for long-term clinical success of a dental restorative is to find a mechanism by which the restorative material itself can slow down or prevent marginal breakdown or decay.

The proprietary Giomer technology in BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus uses surface pre-reacted glass (S-PRG) filler, which provides a wealth of benefits for high caries index patients. Three semi-permeable layers enclose a glass core and protect the durability and esthetics of the glass, while still allowing beneficial ions to travel freely between the glass core and the oral environment. The ion exchange from a composite material that incorporates Giomer technology has the ability to help neutralize acids that are the result of bacterial metabolism that cause tooth demineralization and decay over extended periods of time. Many competitive restoratives release fluoride initially but quickly deplete reserves within a matter of days. With S-PRG technology, everyday activities, such as tooth brushing or rinsing with fluoridated products, recharge the material’s glass core. This carries sustained preventive benefits to the adjacent tooth structure over the life of the restoration.

BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is an all-in-one flowable base, liner, and restorative. Material can be delivered via syringe where needed and cured in 2-mm increments all the way up to the occlusal surface. Using one material simplifies the steps involved in restorations, reduces inventory needs, and makes set-up and cleanup faster, resulting in a more productive procedure.

The flowable consistency of BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus makes it easier to achieve a tight marginal seal with minimal instrumentation, reducing the amount of voids that typically occur with hybrid packing techniques. It is also approved for all indications and was designed to stand up to the rigors of the occlusal surface and the marginal ridge. One other unique feature is that BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus stays where you put it because of precision stacking capabilities with no slump. There are two viscosities available, Zero Flow and Low Flow (Figure 3 and Figure 4). Zero Flow is ideal for stacking, especially in the marginal ridge, and Low Flow handles more like a traditional base or liner. Both feature self-leveling characteristics that make polishing simpler.

BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is an efficient composite material that has been shown to have a high fluoride release and recharge that can help inhibit secondary caries formation. S-PRG technology enables sustained preventative benefits to be carried to the adjacent tooth structure over the life of the restoration, giving this all-in-one, flowable material longevity and strength that was not previously shown in other similar materials.

About the Author

Robert A. Lowe, DDS, maintains a private practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. A graduate of Loyola University School of Dentistry, Dr. Lowe has lectured at all of the major dental meetings in the United States, including the American Dental Association Annual Meeting, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Society of Dental Aesthetics. A diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Lowe has also written hundreds of articles on dental care and dental health topics.

Reasons to Buy BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus

S-PRG Filler

Surface pre-reacted glass (S-PRG) filler provides a wealth of benefits for high caries index patients

Giomer Technology

Ion exchange helps neutralize acids that contribute to tooth demineralization and decay over time

All-In-One Material

All-in-one flowable base, liner, and restorative simplifies restorative procedures

Easy Delivery, Stays Put

Delivered via syringe and has precision stacking capabilities with no slump

Shofu Dental Corporation

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