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Futurabond U® by VOCO America

Futurabond U®

VOCO America

VOCO’s Futurabond® U is the world’s first and only true universal adhesive in a unit dose delivery system. The two main advantages offered by Futurabond U are its universal indications for all adhesive procedures without the need of any additional activators or primers, and its ability to prevent solvent evaporation, a well-documented challenge for adhesives dispensed in a bottle.

Futurabond U’s versatility allows it to be used in self-, selective- or total etch mode without any additional primers or activators on virtually all substrates. Futurabond U achieves total-etch bond strength levels with all light- self- and dual-cure resin based composites, cements, and core build-up materials. As a dual-cure adhesive, Futurabond U will self-cure without any light activation, which offers a big advantage for endodontic applications such as post cementation where it avoids the pooling effect, a problem with light cured adhesives. Futurabond U also adheres well to metal, zirconia, and ceramic making extra primers unnecessary.


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