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Traxodent® by Premier® Dental


Premier® Dental

Traxodent® is a retraction and hemostatic system for use prior to impression making, cementation, bonding procedures or wherever hemostasis and retraction is required. Traxodent paste contains 15% aluminum chloride – a proven, effective hemostatic agent. Traxodent can be dispensed directly from the ergonomic syringe into the sulcus or can be used in combination with a Premier Retraction Cap for maximum tissue deflection.

The absorbent paste displaces soft tissue and works synergistically with the astringent properties of aluminum chloride to create retraction. Fluid is absorbed while Traxodent occupies the sulcus. After two minutes, Traxodent is rinsed away; leaving an open, retracted sulcus. Traxodent provides predictable tissue management for accurately detailed impressions with less retakes.

Each Traxodent kit comes with prefilled syringes packaged in individual foils pouches for maximum freshness and applicator tips. Available in seven syringe Starter Pack and 25 syringe Value Pack. 


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