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Jul/Aug 2010
Volume 31, Issue 6

Premier’s Traxodent Provides Superior Results


Successful and predictable soft-tissue management is an essential component of most restorative procedures. “Maintaining hemostasis and retraction, especially around the tooth preparation margins, can be challenging for clinicians,” says James DiMarino, DMD, MSEd, Manager of Clinical Product Development. “If there is soft tissue, blood, or crevicular fluid around the margins, the flow of impression material into the sulcus is impeded, causing voids, defects, and loss of detail in the impression. Fluids also affect the setting of the impression material, reducing the accuracy of the final impression.

“These issues definitely affect your productivity and predictability. For example, you might not realize that the impression was inadequate until the crown or the model comes back. Then you have increased chairtime, which means bringing the patient back for a second visit to capture that lost detail. Clearly, clinicians need a predictable, convenient, and cost-effective method to manage soft tissues.”

According to DiMarino, Traxodent® Hemodent Paste Retraction System is designed to fill this need. Traxodent stops bleeding and crevicular seepage; its absorbent paste displaces soft tissue and works synergistically with the astringent qualities of aluminum chloride to create retraction. Around the preparation margins, it absorbs any excess fluid from either blood or saliva. Traxodent can be used whenever hemostasis or retraction is required—impression taking, cementation, and bonding procedures.

For more than 50 years, Premier’s Hemodent has been the market-leading hemostatic agent. “A lot of clinicians know Hemodent,” DiMarino says. “Traxodent incorporates the success of Hemodent’s hemostatic properties and advances the technology to provide both excellent hemostasis and retraction.”

With Traxodent, “it only takes about 2 minutes to achieve superior retraction and hemostasis,” DiMarino says. “You will be able to capture the detail around the margin that you really must have. And there are other very important advantages—for example, minimal tissue trauma and a dramatic increase in patient comfort.”

DiMarino points to ease of use as another feature setting Traxodent apart from similar products. “It’s very easy to place around the margins of the tooth—others are more difficult either to place or remove. If the material is too thick, it hinders placement or it doesn’t wash off easily. But Traxodent is unique—it goes on easily and removes easily, which is extremely important.” Premier also designed Traxodent to be extremely convenient for its customers: it’s sold with preloaded syringes and applicator tips (no cumbersome applicator gun is required).

To showcase Traxodent’s capabilities, Premier has produced five online clinical technique videos demonstrating the product in use. “One of the videos has really captured the attention of dental health professionals—it clearly shows what the tooth looks like before and after, what the retraction looks like subsequent to using Traxodent,” DiMarino says. In addition, Premier provides product information, training, and support through Lunch and Learn opportunities, study groups, and workshops.

With Premier’s long history of reliability and integrity, clinicians can be assured of its continuing commitment to its customers. “The one thing about Premier that has always been very attractive is the fact that it is family owned,” DiMarino says. “And in a few years, we’ll be celebrating our 100th year in the dental market. We’ve always been dedicated to providing the best for our customers. In that regard, Premier has stood out in the industry.”

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