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Inside Dentistry
May 2019
Volume 15, Issue 5

Southern Implants Finds Growth with Innovative Treatment Solutions for Optimal Patient Outcomes

Privately owned company continues to expand its North American team

Southern implants considers itself to have a different focus and philosophy when compared with other dental implant manufacturers because the company caters to a different clientele. "Our focus is on innovative solutions that enable the advanced implant clinician to effectively and efficiently treat challenging cases," says managing director, CEO, and founder, Graham Blackbeard.

Blackbeard believes the company is well-equipped to serve these clinicians who need a variety of solutions in their armamentarium because it is nimble and agile due to being privately owned. This enables the company to make immediate decisions, leading to the development and commercialization of new products in a shorter period of time.

Another key factor, Blackbeard says, is its heavy reinvestment of the company's profit into research and development and into supporting multiple clinical trials running at any one time. Blackbeard gets most excited when talking about the many long-term, follow-up studies Southern Implants has facilitated during its 32-year history. Blackbeard is proud of this history and the core values of integrity, teamwork with clinicians, innovation, and dedication that the company has followed since inception.

Until 3 years ago, Southern Implants was represented in North America by way of a license agreement, which Blackbeard claims undervalued the potential of Southern Implants' dynamic treatment solutions. In September 2016, Southern Implants launched its own subsidiary, Southern Implants North America, to properly focus on the company's values. "I was determined to enter the US market correctly by positioning ourselves in line with our values and finding the right people to lead our new business unit," emphasizes Blackbeard.

This strategy is working well and is exemp-lified by the steep growth that the company has recognized during the past 3 years. Blackbeard believes the growth is a testimony to supporting clinicians' increasing demand for site-specific implants that decrease treatment times and cost. "Leading implant clinicians embraced the opportunity to team up with us because of our willingness to listen and provide a growing number of innovative solutions to unmet needs," says Blackbeard. "The ultimate beneficiary has to be the patient. We are confident that our approach is making a significant impact in this regard."

Southern Implants does all of its processes in-house rather than subcontracting elsewhere. For example, the company makes its own cutting tools to manufacture its products, which provides an edge in efficiencies and tighter controls. The company also has a laser focus on quality, strictly adhering to what Blackbeard calls the Q300 process. This process requires 100% inspection at three different times during every phase of manufacturing, ensuring the customer receives the highest quality product possible.

Being a leader in helping clinicians offer advanced treatment options is the company's ultimate goal. Blackbeard says he particularly enjoys the most challenging reconstructive cases, such as those involving cancer patients. "We want implants that will work in all situations, even during immunotherapy and radiation treatment," he says. "Our passion is the more complicated work because although it is not as easy, it presents the largest opportunity to help clinicians improve patients' lives."

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