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hyperDENT® by OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc


OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc

hyperDENT® CAM software from Open Minds Technologies provides toolpaths for digital machining of coping, crowns and bridges, abutments and bars using up to 5-axis machining. It is used within open-architecture process chains that give users the freedom to use other open scanners, CAD systems, cutters, milling machines and raw material stock. The software works in Classic mode with pre-defined templates or Expert mode where the user can directly adapt machining templates. The system is compatible with all types of dental materials including plastic, metals, zirconia, and glass ceramics. Automation functions streamline programming steps to identify margin lines, insertion direction, placement of connectors and more. The system tracks stock within a blank when packing units, or recalls remaining stock when using a partially-machined blank. Machining outputs are defined through a post-processor to drive milling machines including high-end 5-axis machines and also 3+1 and 3+2 axis dental machines. hyperDENT can drive robot and automation systems to facilitate high productivity. High quality results are obtained by using proven technology from its sister industrial product hyperMILL®. Specifically, there is special attention to margin line machining, collision detection and avoidance of the cutter with the machining stock, and producing required surface finish. A strong technical support team helps with training and implementation. There is close connection with machine tool manufacturers for process development and technology prove-out.

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