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Inside Dental Technology
November 2016
Volume 7, Issue 11

IMILLING Helps Laboratories Accomplish Top-Quality Milling In-House

Implant prosthetics experts offer precision mills with powerful software

IMILLING has specialized in the milling of implant prosthetics since 2012. The company’s unique staff of engineers and experienced dental technicians has helped service and support dental laboratories with complex implant cases that are difficult for most milling centers. Recently, however, IMILLING expanded its offerings by opening up its scanning and milling expertise to the dental laboratory via in-house solutions.

With CAD/CAM dental technology incorporated from various countries, IMILLING has successfully integrated a complete and fully open digital system that can be utilized for today’s dental laboratories. Milling of fixed and implant prosthetics has never been easier, and with the help of IMILLING, a dental laboratory can integrate these CAD/CAM technologies into almost every aspect of its in-house processes.

German-made machines have proven to be among the highest quality and most reliable technologies for the dental industry, so IMILLING has partnered with milling machine manufacturer imes-core and CAM software manufacturer FOLLOW-ME! Technologies to produce a milling machine that can mill just about every dental prosthetic necessary for a dental laboratory—crowns, bridges, custom abutments, full-arch implant bridges, bite splints, surgical guides, and much more.

“I believe the integration of our hyperDENT CAM software with imes-icore mills will prove to be an extremely effective and turn-key solution,” says Felix Chung, President/CEO of IMILLING. “I am proud to say our engineers, including myself, worked hard in making reliable milling strategies to produce high-quality restorations with the whole imes-icore machine line. We are the only company in the country to integrate this powerful CAM software into these high-precision German-made mills.”

IMILLING’s featured milling machine is the imes-icore CORiTEC 350i powered by hyperDENT CAM software. This wet/dry mill will be able to fabricate dental prosthetics in zirconia, titanium, chrome cobalt, PMMA, PEEK, wax, glass ceramics, and now acrylic dentures. It can also be equipped with a 12-disc loader, which will allow for the use of various different materials and heights without manually changing out the milling disc. IMILLING has even engineered a special fixture to allow for “side milling,” such as holes that need to be milled on the facial or lingual sides of the prosthetics.

This state-of-the-art offering is just one more example of IMILLING’s commitment to dental laboratories. As technology evolves, the company’s mission remains the same: A dedication to providing seamless support and in-house dental solutions, enabling IMILLING to be the best possible partner to dental laboratories and clinicians when utilizing CAD/CAM technology.

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