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Inside Dental Technology
April 2018
Volume 9, Issue 4

Machine Expert Finds Software to Uphold High Standards

Premium milling machines operate at peak performance with robust CAM software

When Steve Braykovich started working with numerical control (NC) machine repairs in 1978, computers were not yet being used for digital control of the machines. As CNC and then CAD/CAM were introduced and evolved, Braykovich became such an expert that he eventually supported, sold, and directed the development, sales, and marketing of CAD/CAM systems and finally purchased his own company in 1994, renaming it Axsys, Inc.

Braykovich excelled at selling CAM software in the industrial sector for years before venturing into dentistry in 2009, hoping to combat the effects of the Recession by entering a market that was still in the "early adoption" phase of CAD/CAM. "We identified a way to leverage our core competency in a growth market," he says. While he had a strong software product, Braykovich quickly determined that the milling machines on the dental market did not meet his standards. At the suggestion of one of his clients, he decided to expand his portfolio.

Axsys Dental Solutions established itself as a market leader with the Versamill line of milling machines. Soon afterward, though, Braykovich was presented with another challenge when his software manufacturer ceased its dental operations, forcing him to find a new partner.

Braykovich prioritized three qualities in his search: strong core technology, the ability for customization, and a highly capable North American support team. "It's important that the core technology produces predictable, reliable results with effective machining strategies," he says. "From there, I need to be able to modify the software so that I can offer expanded capabilities that nobody else can, to maintain the Axsys advantage."

Upon meeting with representatives from FOLLOW-ME! Technology about hyperDENT software, Braykovich chose it for his Versamill line. "We put hyperDENT through the ringer in the beginning," he says. "They provided us with robust, reliable, customizable solutions that met our high demands."

Axsys customers have been pleased with the results, Braykovich says. "There will always be challenges such as unusual tooth preparations that do not fit a ‘standard' template," he says. "hyperDENT enables us to overcome those challenges. CAM software directly impacts fit and finish, and hyperDENT helps us provide our customers with the ability to produce high-quality restorations with great precision."

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