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Inside Dental Technology
July 2016
Volume 7, Issue 7

Milled Titanium Splinting Offers Superb Fit and Fast Appointment Time

In-office laboratory benefits from precision, versatility of Versamill 5X200

By Robin D. Henderson, DMD, MS

In recent years, in-office CAD/CAM systems and milling devices seem more and more common. The ability to fabricate and manufacture locally with the added benefit of customization for a particular case allows clinicians and in-office technicians flexibility and ease of use. Until recently, metal milling machines were not thought of as a practical addition to an office or smaller laboratory.

Our in-office laboratory purchased Axsys Dental Solutions’ Versamill 5X200 mill for custom fabrication of dental components from simple zirconia crowns and bridges to custom titanium implant abutments and implant bars for overdentures. Recently, we designed and fabricated a lingual periodontal extra-coronal splint made from thin titanium veneering to help stabilize a patient’s teeth.

Most post-orthodontic patients need splinting that is traditionally done chairside with wire and bonding agents, leaving a rough, thick device that is often uncomfortable for the patient. Because this was our first time fabricating a lingual titanium splint, we asked the team from Axsys Dental Solutions to assist us. We were able to design and fabricate the product using exocad software and the Versamill in a matter of minutes. Because of the accuracy of the milling process and custom nature of the piece that we created, the appointment time to cement the splint took approximately 5 minutes.

This new application could revolutionize the type of permanent retainers created. Due to the shape and stability in all three dimensions, teeth would be more rigid and stay put after active orthodontic therapy. The titanium metal’s properties of strength and lightness give the patient an almost imperceptible feeling that conforms to the natural tooth structure. In addition, the smoothness of the surface from the milling accuracy of the Versamill 5X200 leaves very little, if any, post-milling work. Lingual splinting may not be a sexy dental procedure, but for a titanium laboratory milling application for which microns matter greatly, there are subtle complexities that this product makes easier.

Axsys has been the leader in CAD/CAM technology since well before it existed in dentistry. The company’s extensive CAD/CAM experience in other industries has created a team of individuals with a wealth of knowledge and creativity. Because milling technologies are new in dentistry, applications are still being invented and the team helps create one-of-a-kind solutions for individual problems. I have called the Axsys team with problems, questions, and ideas almost weekly for the last year. They have yet to let me down with design issues, implementation, or any other issue. The substantial nature of this machine and the Axsys team is well worth the time and financial investment.

Key Takeaways

• A Versamill 5X200 can handle everything from simple zirconia crowns and bridges to custom titanium implant abutments and bars for overdentures
• Machine’s accuracy combined with titanium’s strength and lightness could revolutionize the type of permanent retainers created
• Axsys Dental Solutions’ team has a wealth of knowledge and creativity to help with individualized solutions

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About the Author

Robin D. Henderson, DMD, MS
Oklahoma Center for Implants & Periodontics
Oklahoma City, OK

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Axsys Dental Solutions

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