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Solea Laser by Convergent Dental

Solea Laser

Convergent Dental

Solea™ by Convergent Dental is a dental laser that is revolutionizing the patient experience. Dentists perform over 94% of their Solea procedures without anesthesia, over 98% of those patients report no pain, with 100% preferring Solea to the drill. Solea eliminates the need for a drill or a needle for most dental procedures. 

Research from the American Dental Association shows that nearly one-quarter of all Americans avoid the dentist because they’re afraid. Because tooth decay is the leading chronic disease in U.S. adults and children, avoiding the dentist can have harmful consequences on your health, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke (source: Gallup Well-being poll). Solea's pain-free/pain-reducing equipment is curbing patient anxiety, yielding more regular dental visits among patients. 

Solea's innovative technology is combined with familiar controls, so clinicians can easily transition from using the drill to using the Solea laser. Also a simple touchscreen facilitates the operating process, as it allows Solea users to select the desired tissue(s) for optimal beam speed, precision and patient comfort.

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