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Inside Dentistry
August 2015
Volume 11, Issue 8

Convergent Dental

Convergent Dental is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company and developer of Solea™, the world’s first computer-aided CO2 laser system to ever be cleared by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue indications. Solea is the only dental laser system capable of consistently delivering virtually anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures to patients; in fact, practitioners report performing more than 95% of their procedures without anesthetic. The dental laser cuts significantly quieter, finer, and faster than any other laser-based system in dentistry because of patented technologies and computer system controls that are unique to Convergent Dental.

Dentists’ income is directly related to the number of procedures they perform in a day, so increasing efficiency is the fastest way to drive growth. The two most glaring efficiency killers for dentists are anesthesia and bleeding. With traditional tools, practitioners lose valuable time injecting patients, waiting for numbness, and controlling bleeding. Anesthesia limits dentists to working in one quadrant per visit and patients hate leaving the office with a numb mouth. When it comes to soft tissue procedures, not only is it time-consuming to control bleeding, traditional tools can cause substantial iatrogenic damage which means significant postoperative pain and slow healing. It’s simple math: reducing or eliminating anesthesia and bleeding has a dramatic effect on efficiency and patient experience.

Dental practitioners who want to make an investment that immediately increases revenue and improves patient experience should look no further than the Solea dental laser. The world’s first-ever computer-aided CO2 9.3-micron laser enables dentists to deliver virtually anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures for patients. Solea dentists report performing more than 95% of their hard and soft tissue procedures anesthesia-free.


· Routinely perform several additional procedures per day, creating revenuegains of 25% to 40%

· Solea dentists report performing 95% of hard and soft tissue procedures anesthesia- and blood-free

· Significantly faster and quieter than any other hard tissue laser on the market

· Enhanced patient experience drives significant increase in referrals


“The Solea hard and soft laser is a real game changer. On many routine patient procedures, I very rarely have to use anesthetic, which both saves time and immensely improves the patient experience. Without the needle, numbing, pain, or whine and vibration of the drill, many times my patients have no idea on which tooth I am working. They are consistently shocked at how painless the Solea laser is and they tell me they won’t ever go back to the drill. My patients are happier than ever, and as a result I’m seeing more new patients than ever.”

Robert C. Hull, DDS, PC
Lexington, Virginia

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