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Inside Dentistry
November 2014
Volume 10, Issue 11

Your Armamentarium

Excellent patient care relies heavily on the materials and technology used in the treatment. Here is a selection of product offerings to consider adding to your armamentarium. For more information about any of the products featured in this issue—as well as many other product categories—fill out the enclosed Reader Service Card.

A | OraVerse®

OraVerse® from Septodont is a unique, local anesthetic reversal agent that cuts waiting time in half. Proven safe and effective for people older than 6 years and weighing more than 33 lb, this product is for patients who want to avoid the lingering effects of local anesthesia.


B | Spectra®

Spectra® caries detection aid from Air Techniques uses fluorescence technology to indicate the extent of decay with color and numerical readings, enhancing case acceptance and facilitating early detection.


C | i-CAT® FLX

Awarded Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” technology award, the i-CAT FLX produces full-dentition 3D imaging with lower x-ray exposure. A combination of advanced imaging technology captures 2D and 3D images with superior clarity and panoramic quality. This easy-to-use system reduces the need for patient retakes with ergonomic design that allows patients to sit comfortably.


D | CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material

ZEST Anchors’ CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material is designed for ease of use and predictability when processing attachment components into overdentures, including ZEST’s LOCATOR® and SATURNO™ Denture Caps. The formulation requires no primer and is self-curing at a reduced cost per case compared to the leading brands.


E | BEAUTIFIL® Flow Plus

Shofu’s proprietary Surface Pre-Reacted Glass filler in BEAUTIFIL® Flow Plus provides glass ionomer-like fluoride release and recharge. BEAUTIFIL® Flow Plus is available in two distinct viscosities: zero flow for precision stacking and low flow for traditional base/liner application.


F | IPS e.max® Lab Finder

Lab Finder connects clinicians with North American laboratories that fabricate IPS e.max® crowns, inlays, onlays, thin veneers, abutments, and bridges. By selecting the “search by name” or “location” feature, dentists can easily locate a high-quality manufacturer for patient restorations.


G | iOptima

Bien-Air Dental and Apple® boost the performance of dental surgeries with iOptima. With the iOptima, any practitioner can transform a traditional pneumatic system into a modern electric unit equipped with a brushless and sensorless micromotor and an iPod touch interface.


H | Bausch Articulating Papers

Bausch Articulating Papers’ progressive color transfer highlights overall pressure distribution by means of different color shades. In seconds, dentists can locate high spots or masticatory pressure interferences that afflict their patient’s smile.


I | SANAO™ Handpieces

The SANAO™ series of handpieces reduces wrist strain and is equipped with glass rod fiber optics to illuminate the oral cavity. An integrated Hygiene Protection System (HPS) contains a unique resin filling to prevent debris build-up. The ergonomic design has a small, torque-controlled motor that offers less fatigue and more control.


J | ACTIVA™ BioACTIVE-Restorative

ACTIVA™ BioACTIVE-Restorative from Pulpdent represents an entirely new category of bioactive dental products. A bioactive resin matrix combines with bioactive fillers to create a shock-absorbing resin component while mimicking the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth. It maintains the esthetic and strength of a composite while using bioactive properties and fluoride release.


K | Opalescence® PF

The Opalescence® PF take-home whitening system has a patented sticky, viscous formula that sustains whitening power. With a unique combination of potassium nitrate and fluoride, Opalescence decreases sensitivity while strengthening enamel and preventing cavities. Users are also at lower risk for dehydration and relapse with Opalescence’s 20% water solution.


L | Solea

Vibration free and virtually painless, Convergent Dental’s Solea can replace drills in a majority of procedures, curbing patient anxiety and increasing patient visits to the dentist’s office.


M | RAYSCAN α – Expert 3D

RAYSCAN α – Expert 3D from LED Dental combines high-resolution panoramic, CBCT, and optional cephalometric capabilities with an innovative, award-winning design.


N | NobelActive™ 3.0

NobelActive™ 3.0 mm implant is indicated for areas with limited space and is designed for the placement of single-unit maxillary lateral incisors, as well as mandibular and central incisors.


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