Ketac™ Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative A4 Shade


3M ESPE offers the A4 shade for its Ketac™ Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative in the innovative Quick Mix Capsule. The darker shade is designed to match the cervical and root surface areas of the tooth. Considering its outstanding wear resistance, esthetics, polish and high fluoride release similar to conventional and other resin-modified glass ionomer restoratives, Ketac Nano restorative is the ideal solution for Class V lesions.

With this shade, clinicians have a fast, easy-to-use and esthetic solution that works well for geriatric patients and is suitable for a wide range of indications. The addition of the A4 shade increases the range of uses for this highly regarded glass-ionomer product and gives dental professionals the confidence to consistently create esthetic restorations that meet the needs of any patient.

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