Inside Dentistry
October 2015
Volume 11, Issue 10

Planmeca Dental

Planmeca Romexis Software

Technology in dentistry is evolving. With an ever-growing platform and so many options in the industry, it’s time for a software package that features all-in-one capabilities and open architecture, allowing you to choose the best products for your practice.

Built on an open-architecture software platform, Planmeca Romexis offers best-in-class integration, providing users with the freedom to use third-party products for a customizable workflow built to fit the needs of any office. TWAIN protocol and DICOM compliance, as well as full support for Windows and Mac OS operating systems, make Planmeca Romexis an ideal fit for any practice.

Your All-In-One Software Solution

Figure 1 | The spectrum of services that you offer necessitates a variety of equipment and software applications; efficiently navigating through these tasks means consolidating all of your tools on a single software platform. Planmeca Romexis is the first software in the world to combine 2D and 3D imaging with complete CAD/CAM workflow and even extended connectivity with Planmeca dental equipment. Planmeca Romexis software offers these capabilities and more: IO scanning and restorative design, ceph analysis and tracing, orthodontic tasks with OrthoStudio, and Planmeca ProFace true 3D facial photos for case presentations that are more detailed than ever.

Exceptional Usability

With Planmeca Romexis, versatile applications come in an easy-to-use package with intuitive features that make it simple to view, edit, and enhance images, as well as create detailed treatment plans. Easy mouse-driven navigation means no complicated keyboard combinations to remember.

Secure Image Sharing from Anywhere

Share files from wherever you are with the innovative Planmeca Romexis Cloud, a secure image transfer service for Planmeca Romexis users and their partners. The service is easy to use and seamlessly integrated into Planmeca Romexis, saving you even more time and cost by eliminating DVDs and other physical processes.

Efficient Clinic Management

Figure 2 | For larger practices with multiple operatories, Planmeca Romexis also offers its Clinic Management module for an innovative link between software and equipment, making it possible to remotely monitor your unit functions, access user-specific presets from any unit, proactively manage unit maintenance for decreased down time during repairs, and more.

A Future-Proof Investment

Figure 3 | Planmeca Romexis software offers a complete workflow engineered with the flexibility to adapt to you and the evolving needs of you and your patients. Planmeca Romexis leads the world in image capture and diagnostics for superior treatment planning with the ability to upgrade and make your investment future-proof. Open file architecture and true modularity means you can add functionalities as you need them, ensuring your practice won’t be left behind as dental technology continues to advance.

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