Inside Dentistry
April 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

CAD/CAM Systems and Materials

Kaveh Ghaboussi, DDS

Digital dentistry utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to take three-dimensional scans of a tooth preparation. A restoration can then be created through either design software and milled in an office milling system or sent to a laboratory to finish the tooth. While dental laboratories are the early adopters of digital dentistry, dental offices are now slowly but surely moving in that direction as well.

While I was skeptical of this new technology at first, I heard from peers about how beneficial CAD/CAM could be and knew it could potentially be a step in the right direction to take my practice to the next level. While completing extensive research to choose the right system, there were many factors that helped me make a purchasing decision. For example, it was important for me to examine whether a closed or open architecture system made more sense for my practice. For me, an open platform was the right choice, because it allows me to collaborate freely and share information during any step of the workflow. Another important consideration when deciding on a CAD/CAM system was the amount of training and support available from the manufacturer. Ensuring that your team is comfortable and adept with the system will help yield more successful outcomes.

Since adopting a CAD/CAM system, I have never looked back. Patient experience and team experience have drastically improved within my dental office. We all know that patients are always weary of taking time off work for dental visits, and for those who need more extensive dental care, taking off multiple days is almost impossible. Taking one day off is often manageable, however. With patients expecting faster turnaround times, there is no better feeling than to be able to deliver same-day dentistry to my patients. My team appreciates same-day dentistry as much as the patients do. In addition, my team enjoys using CAD/CAM tools, and patients enjoy the added benefit of knowing the person who made their restoration, as well as being able to see the restoration designed right in front of their eyes.

With the adoption of a CAD/CAM system, my team and patients are happier, and my business is thriving.

About the author

Kaveh Ghaboussi, DDS
Private Practice
Madison, Wisconsin

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