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Inside Dentistry
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

How Digital Dentistry Can Change a Practice

Figure 1 | When I began using chairside CAD/CAM 10 years ago, it totally changed the way I practiced dentistry. The ability to provide esthetic, durable, and conservative restorations in a single visit was a huge paradigm shift for my patients and me. Digital impressioning and restoration design gave me much more feedback and control over the restorative process than traditional analog approaches ever did. Patients marveled at the combination of digital technology, and universally preferred digital impressions and single-visit dentistry without the hassles of trays filled with goop, annoying temporaries, and return visits weeks later.

I changed how I practice dentistry with the Planmeca FIT System. I still do single-visit dentistry for my patients, but it’s easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before. With Planmeca’s Romexis software, everything in my practice has gone digital—from diagnosis and treatment planning to smile design, surgical planning and execution, and workflows for all types of restorative solutions, not just chairside.

Planmeca’s commitment to open architecture means Romexis integrates seamlessly with the rest of my dental network. Planmeca doesn’t put any restrictions or apply extra costs for sharing CBCT and digital scan data. In fact, Romexis readily imports CBCT and digital scan data from any manufacturer. This is invaluable because it means that I can share cases with my specialists and laboratories, even if they’re not using the same hardware or software as I am.

There has never been a better time to go digital in dentistry. Like so many other aspects of our lives, dentistry has already gone digital and the great thing about the Planmeca FIT System is that it is intentionally engineered to accommodate change and scalability. No two practitioners or their practices are alike and the needs of a practice grow and change over time. Planmeca allows you to choose what solution or solutions are right for your practice today, without limiting what you can do with that technology or what you can integrate with it in the future. Instead of dictating to you what solutions or workflows you can use, Planmeca FIT allows you as the practitioner to choose what is best for you and your patients.

Through innovative research and development and successful industrial design, Planmeca delivers ideal solutions for today’s practitioners. They work closely with leading universities as well as a number of end-users in order to stay at the forefront of development. The Planmeca FIT system was clearly designed with the clinician in mind, as it offers a convenient, high-quality solution to digital dentistry.

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