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Inside Dentistry
August 2015
Volume 11, Issue 8

KaVo MASTERmatic

Powerful new electric handpiece options

Performance, quality, and innovation are traditions that have kept KaVo at the forefront of the dental industry for more than 100 years. A commitment to the dental professional and passion for excellence enables KaVo to deliver the best dental handpieces, turbines, and other equipment to dentists and dental technicians worldwide.

The MASTERmatic Series premium electric handpieces combine a triple gear system and patented angle combination to provide dental professionals with the confidence they’ve come to expect from KaVo electrics.

The MASTERmatic LUX M25 L High-speed now offers a 20% smaller head size with the same exceptional power and low vibration operation, courtesy of KaVo’s triple gear system. Combined with the head angle of 100˚ and the knee angle of 19˚—similar to the MASTERtorque M8900 L High-speed handpiece—clinicians can experience better access with optimal space and freedom of work.

New to KaVo’s electric attachment portfolio is the MASTERmatic M05 L Mini High-speed handpiece, featuring a 43% smaller head for standard length and short shank burs.

Both the MASTERmatic LUX M25 L High-speed and MASTERmatic LUX M05 L Mini High-speed feature a hygienic Plasmatec coating and are washable in a thermal disinfector and sterilizable up to 275°F (135°C), making infection control maintenance easy and convenient. They also feature an exchangeable spray microfilter to ensure optimal cooling and prevent thermal damage to the tooth.

“The development of the MASTERmatic series came from listening to our customers and responding to their clinical needs. Our doctors wanted a smaller head size and more access, so we brought new and innovative products to market,” said Stephanie Goss, product manager at KaVo. “KaVo now has a complete eclectic handpiece portfolio for everything that a doctor needs, providing total flexibility for all treatment applications.”

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*Compared with GENTLEpower 25 LPR


· High-speed electric handpiece

· MASTERmatic LUX M25 L High Speed's 20% smaller* head enhances visibility

· MASTERmatic M05 L Mini High Speed features a 43% smaller* head

· Patented 100° head and 19° knee angle for superior access.

· Exclusive Triple Gear Technology for reduced vibration

· Works on electric or air motors with a universal E connection

· Speed range up to 200,000 rpm

· Replaces the #1 selling GENTLEpower 25 LPR

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