Inside Dentistry
November 2019
Volume 15, Issue 11

Simplifying Everything From Diagnostics to Treatment

DTX Studio™ Clinic maximizes utilization by putting all images in one convenient place

Dentists have expressed many frustrations with the profession's software options in recent years, including one of the most basic elements: Mac versus PC. Although many dentists prefer Mac and use Apple hardware, the industry largely has not supported Mac software."Dentists with Apple hardware were forced to use Boot Camp or other Windows software modules, which was very frustrating," says Pascal Kunz, DDS, MD, vice president of digital solutions for Nobel Biocare.

Finally, however, that issue is being addressed, along with many others. The newest DTX Studio Clinic imaging software not only employs Mac drivers but also offers an open solution for dental software, compiling data from any and all imaging equipment into one convenient place.

"We are building your library of images-3-dimensional, x-ray, optical scan, or photographic-and compiling it cleanly in one place so that you can easily view a patient's entire file," Kunz says. "DTX Studio Clinic is the go-to place for all of the visual diagnostic information about your patient that is needed to help you launch exciting workflows for various restorative treatments."

Kunz explains that one of the primary goals of  DTX Studio Clinic is to end the practice of dentists moving from room to room with thumb drives in order to export imaging files from one software application to another.

"That creates a lot of stress for everyone involved," he says. "Dentists who are using the newest version of DTX Studio Clinic, which is now in the pilot phase, are telling us, ‘This is great. Everything is in one place, which allows me to focus completely on the patient.'"

Simplifying the entire diagnostic and treatment process in that way was the inspiration for the name of the software; DTX is a combination of the abbreviations "DX" and "TX," which are commonly used for diagnosis and treatment, respectively.

"Nobel Biocare already offered treatment software for implant planning and other restorative options," Kunz says. "Now we are adding the diagnostic piece. Plenty of treatment software already exists in the industry, but DTX Studio Clinic compiles, consolidates, and merges data to be utilized in treatment planning. It is one unifying software suite that powers the entire practice when used in combination with imaging equipment from Kavo Kerr or any other manufacturer."

The open nature of the DTX Studio Clinic allows for maximum utilization, which is a primary goal of the software. The intention is for it to facilitate everything from patient education to follow-up treatment.

"The dentist does not need to spend time searching and showing the patient images from several different software programs," Kunz says. "For example, many patients will be impressed to see radiographs next to an intraoral scan in full color. That can help them develop trust in the dentist to deliver the best treatment. Then, the next time an image is generated at a follow-up appointment, you can quickly and easily compare the most relevant images."

Moving forward, this expanded suite will no longer be considered a software application that is exclusive to Nobel Biocare or Kavo Kerr.

"It is software that, out of the box, powers all of your Kavo Kerr devices, but it is super open for import and export," Kunz says. "It will simplify your business like no other software can."

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