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Inside Dentistry
July 2024
Volume 20, Issue 7

High-Quality Instruments Keep Practice Running

KaVo’s ergonomic, air-driven handpieces provide power, efficiency, and comfort

Christopher Pescatore, DMD

Christopher Pescatore, DMD, started his now 34-year dental career in a large practice with an extensive staff; however, he eventually realized that he did not enjoy operating at such a large scale. He has since downsized to a small, boutique-style practice in Danville, California, that specializes in complete restorative and cosmetic dentistry. "I realized that working in such a large practice did not allow me to do the kind of dentistry that I wanted to do," he says. "I was constantly being interrupted by my staff, and there were just a lot of things going on all the time. Now, my practice is very small and very niche. I only have two chairs and one staff member, so I can really remain focused on the patient who is in front of me."

From the time that Pescatore was in dental school, he knew that he did not want to be the type of general dentist who tried to offer every possible service and procedure. "I realized that the area of dentistry that provided me with the most satisfaction was restoring teeth," he says. "When I was able to restore teeth such that you couldn't even tell that something was done to them, that really ignited my fire to pursue conservative, cosmetic dentistry." Pescatore is now recognized as a pioneer in comprehensive restorative cosmetic dentistry, and he has lectured nationally and internationally on the subject since the mid-1990s. Throughout his long career, Pescatore has also learned a great deal about running a business, particularly when it comes to investing in high-quality tools and materials. "Just like any first-time business owners, many dentists who are starting their first practices look for ways to cut corners in order to cut costs," he says. Pescatore has since learned that, in many cases, being willing to spend more money up front on higher-quality tools will pay off in the long run because lower-quality ones often break down or require replacement more frequently. "It's particularly important to invest wisely and invest well when it comes to handpieces because they really are the lifeblood of the restorative dental practice. If my handpieces aren't working, I'm not working, and therefore, I'm losing cases and revenue," he says.

Pescatore's current handpiece of choice is the MASTERtorque air-driven high-speed handpiece from KaVo, and he also utilizes the company's EXPERTmatic and SMARTmatic low-speed attachments. KaVo handpieces are German-made, high-quality instruments that combine power, light, water, ergonomics, and durability for long-lasting use. The MASTERtorque, which is KaVo's premium air-driven handpiece, features up to 20% more power than the company's previous generation of air-driven high-speed handpieces. The patented design provides superior access and visibility, especially in the posterior region, and the extremely well-balanced turbines deliver whisper quiet operation that protects clinicians' hearing and creates a better patient experience and a more comfortable working environment. In addition, KaVo's Direct Stop Technology increases safety by stopping burs in 1 second, and the high-tech FG chuck with carbide guide bushing enables greater precision and longevity. Pescatore notes that when electric handpieces were first introduced many years ago, one of the big selling points was that you could lean on them, and they would not slow down. However, in his experience, KaVo's MASTERtorque high-speed handpiece, which provides up to 31 watts of power at 3.5 bar and bur retention of up to 32 N, can handle a lot of pressure and easily cut through all different materials, including metals and zirconia.

"For me, the most significant benefit of the KaVo handpieces is the way that they just blend in and become an extension of my hand," Pescatore says. "They are very lightweight and ergonomic, so I hardly even think about them. When you're gripping a handpiece for a long period of time and constantly changing angles, it can be hard on your hand. But with KaVo's handpieces, I don't even notice. Even if I'm doing a full arch, I'm not worrying about my hand, I'm not worrying about slowing down, and I'm not worrying about having less power. The handpiece just becomes a part of me."

When Pescatore's KaVo handpieces aren't in use, the QUATTROcare Plus maintenance system keeps them in top shape and streamlines the maintenance workflow. "It used to be that when I was done with a handpiece, my team had to clean it, lubricate it, and then sterilize it," he says. "But now, the QUATTROcare Plus eliminates a lot of those steps. My team likes it a lot more. They just put the handpieces in the machine, let it do its thing, and the handpieces are then sterilized and ready to roll. So that makes it incredibly valuable. Moreover, KaVo offers an extended warranty on its handpieces if a QUATTROcare Plus is purchased, so that is a nice reward for taking care of your instruments."

Another feature of KaVo handpieces that Pescatore values is the brightness of the light and the visibility it provides. The glass rod light conductor produces up to 25,000 lux for reliable detection of preparation margins. "The light on these handpieces is so bright that I've found that I don't even need to use a headlamp anymore," he says. In addition, the 4-port spray provides ultra-fine spray wetting for optimum cooling, which Pescatore notes is very effective and can be dialed in based on clinicians' preferences so that it's not spraying too wide or getting the patient wet.

"KaVo has offered so much support, from checking in to make sure that the installation went well to offering training for my staff and even repair and replacement services," Pescatore says. "But still, the greatest benefit has been that return on investment that comes from knowing that the handpieces are reliable and that you don't have to worry about them losing power or breaking down. I can continuously generate income when my equipment is consistently working long term, and with KaVo, I don't even have to think about it. It just works."

KaVo air-driven handpieces are German-made, high-quality tools that offer a high-performance combination of power, light, water, and ergonomics for long-lasting use.

Genuine KaVo turbines are individually balanced and electronically tested to meet the highest concentricity requirements and produce less noise during use.

The QUATTROcare Plus maintenance system streamlines handpiece maintenance and offers an additional warranty on the handpieces.

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