Inside Dentistry
February 2013
Volume 9, Issue 2


In each issue of Inside Dentistry, we’ll test your knowledge with a question often taken straight from an Inside Dentistry case report or CE course, crafted by a panel of Inside Dentistry’s Editorial Advisory Board members. Submit your best treatment plan and you’ll be entered into a drawing for one year’s worth of free Compendium Continuing Education, courtesy of Inside Dentistry, valued at over $300!

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Case Background

A 32-year-old man presented with a fractured facing from a 3-unit, resin-bonded bridge that had replaced tooth No. 7. This had happened three times previously, and although the patient was pleased with the appliance, he was concerned with the increased frequency of the ceramic facing debonding. He also reported that the framework had never debonded since it was inserted 12 years before.

The margins of the framework proved to be intact, and incisal clearance was sufficient. The integrity of the bond between the tooth and the framework was acceptable. The patient requested that the intact framework be used, and a new ceramic facing created. In addition, he inquired if the dimensions could be enlarged on the new facing because the original was smaller than the contralateral tooth. Because of the patient’s travel schedule, all work had to be completed within a week.

The Question: What would your treatment plan be for this patient?

Do you know the answer?

Submit your response to eweisbrod@aegiscomm.com by March 5, 2013, subject line, “Oral Exam.” Out of all acceptable submissions, one winner will be randomly selected to receive one year’s worth of free Compendium Continuing Education from CDEWorld.com, courtesy of Inside Dentistry.

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