Inside Dentistry
October 2011
Volume 7, Issue 9

COMFORTdrive® 200 XDR

KaVo’s new high-speed handpiece features patented micro-motor technology that offers superior ergonomics in a lightweight, whisper-quiet design. KaVo Collections is also introduced.

KaVo Dental North America introduces the COMFORT drive® 200 XDR high-speed handpiece featuring patented micro-motor technology (Figure 1). Doctors preferring an air handpiece for its light weight and ergonomics as well as practitioners who appreciate an electric for its precision cutting and quieter sound agree that COMFORTdrive offers a blend of optimal performance and superior ergonomics with whisper quiet operation that makes it the most innovative high-speed ever.

Precise Cutting with Constant Power

COMFORTdrive offers precise cutting performance with exceptional bur concentricity to assist with faster and smoother preparations, the first time, every time. The no-bur-stall feature of COMFORTdrive improves efficiency in gross reductions and crown-and-bridge preparations. KaVo’s SAFEdrive technology features an integrated motor that delivers 30 watts of constant power for consistent performance; this motor can also be sterilized for safe operation. This next generation handpiece is the high-speed that doctors will want to use all day, every day.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

COMFORTdrive’s unique patented design weighs approximately 40% less and is 15% shorter than market-leading electric options. The integrated motor reduces the distal area length after the pivot point in the doctor’s hand allowing for an unprecedented degree of comfort and control. The COMFORTdrive operates at only 55 dB, making it the quietest high-speed handpiece on the market today.

“Plug-n-Prep” and Air-Like “Feathering”

The COMFORTdrive system features an innovative “Plug-n-Prep” auto-calibration technology for easy set-up that does not require adjustment to any other equipment in the office. Once calibrated, the COMFORTdrive system allows for an air-like “feathering” effect between 30,000 rpm and 200,000 rpm with the foot pedal. Therefore, doctors using air-driven handpieces can seamlessly transition to COMFORTdrive with no learning curve. The tiny footprint of the COMFORTdrive system neatly incorporates into any operatory, offering an esthetic, clean look in the dental practice.

KaVo Collections

In 2011, KaVo introduced the KaVo Collections with Master series, Expert Series, and Smart series of handpieces. These series each offer distinct features and prices.

KaVo Master Series

The KaVo Master Series features the award-winning GENTLEsilence 6500BR and the GENTLEmini LUX 4500BR. These handpieces feature KaVo innovations such as a unique patented design to reach difficult-to-access areas, plasmatec grip for superior ergonomics, and operation at a very quiet decibel level while delivering high power. Retail prices per handpiece start at $1,099.

KaVo Expert Series

Introducing the KaVo Expert Series standard-head E679L and mini-head E675L handpieces. The handpieces feature KaVo innovations such as superior surface coating for improved tactile feedback, multi-port spray, exclusive field-replaceable micro-filter that increases water spray quality, and dent-resistant heads to enhance reliability and durability for years to come. The EXPERT series also features a 2.5-year warranty if maintained with KaVo QUATTROcare; otherwise the standard warranty of 2 years applies. KaVo’s superior performance comes standard on all EXPERT series handpieces. Retail prices per handpiece start at $999.

KaVo Smart Series

KaVo also introduces its SMART Series standard-head S619L, S619C, S609C, and mini-head S615L and S605C handpieces. KaVo innovations such as balanced turbine cartridges, unique angular design, quiet operation, and reliability are now available at an affordable price. All SMART series handpieces have chuck strength of 30N for no bur-slip, concentric cutting, and smoother performance. SMART series handpieces operate at very low noise level, which will make the office seem quieter. KaVo’s precision engineering and technology comes standard on all SMART series handpieces. Retail prices per handpiece start at $479.

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