Inside Dentistry
November 2018
Volume 14, Issue 11

New Products

A  |  DEXIS Titanium sensor

The new DEXIS Titanium sensor is designed to deliver in the areas that matter most to clinicians-image  quality, advances in workflow, and reliability. New components were integrated into this sensor to give it a distinct advantage in image quality, thereby creating extraordinary radiographs that instill greater confidence in diagnosis.

B  |  e1

E1 is the only dental etchant to be recommended by 90% of Clinicians Report evaluators. This etchant has exceptional viscosity and is easy to apply and rinse off, leaving no residue.

C  |  BFC3 Powered Impression Gun

Practicon's low-cost, handheld, cordless BFC3 Powered Impression Gun dispenses any type of 1:1 automix material at the press of a button. The familiar, ergonomic design is similar to manual automix guns and works with all standard 25 ml, 50 ml, or 75 ml cartridges.

D  |  Medit i500

Axsys Dental Solutions has entered into an agreement with Medit to distribute their new i500 intraoral scanner. The i500 uses a high-speed dual camera system for fast, precise photogrammetry. It is powderless, lightweight, and has a fine tip for ease of use and patient comfort.

E  |  NLXK

The ergonomically designed NLXK features 26 watts of power for increased efficiency, along with a reduced head size for better access and visibility. Available in two head size options, the innovative turbine design of the NLXK improves torque output, resulting in smoother cutting.

f  |  X-Pedo Mouthpiece

DryShield has announced the addition of extra-small autoclavable silicone mouthpieces. This size is ideal for very young children, such as those aged 4 years or younger. The release of X-Pedo gives doctors even more flexibility when selecting a mouthpiece for their patient.


Incorporating numerous advanced features from leading clinicians, the PROVATA Implant showcases an elegantly simple, yet state-of-the-art design that complements Southern Implants' already popular External Hex Implant with an internal hex connection.

h  |  TPH Spectra® ST Effects

When a case calls for added opacity or a translucent incisal edge, the TPH Spectra® ST Effects works with TPH Spectra® ST in a simplified composite layering technique. Two TPH Spectra® ST Effects dentin shades and one enamel shade provide the esthetics to take those tough cases to the next level with ease.

i  |  Ultrapro® Txprophylaxis

Ultradent Products, Inc., has announced the next generation of the Ultrapro® Txprophylaxis equipment family, including the Ultrapro® TxAir handpiece, the Ultrapro® Tx Skini prophy angle, and the Ultrapro® Tx Extra prophy angle.

j  |  Bassi Logic

Bassi Logic is a continuous rotary single-file shaping system that provides a quantum leap in minimally invasive functionality. The Bassi Logic system features files for glidepath preparation and shaping to treat any canal anatomy.

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