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Special Issues
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

Best of Class Winners


The TRIOS 3 digital scanner features fast and easy RealColor™ scanning with documented high accuracy for optimal fit and predictable treatment results. The open system allows you to combine lab and same-day production across a wide range of indications, while shade measurement and an integrated intraoral camera provide multiple tools in one device, further enhancing practice efficiency.
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Picasso Plus
Designed with the first-time laser dentist and hygienist in mind, Picasso Plus is indicated for soft tissue surgical procedures, periodontal procedures, and tooth whitening. The color touch screen, easy-to-use presets, built-in treatment timers, and wireless foot control simplify adoption and make Picasso Plus an effective and affordable solution for every operatory.


Small, lightweight, and affordable, the LiteTouch all-tissue laser is ideal for cavity preparations, osseous surgery, periodontal treatment, endodontic procedures, implant recovery, treating peri-implantitis, and soft tissue surgery. Complete comprehensive training is available and is tailored to new or experienced laser users, enabling rapid integration into practice.


Fitted with the finest brushless sensorless micromotor and an Apple® iPod interface, iOptima is built for all restorative and endodontic procedures. The micromotor’s Smart Logic electronic management system automatically controls the power and compensates immediately for any speed variations to seamlessly modernize and boost the performance of your existing dental unit.
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The iChiropro is a dedicated implantology system that is both simple and high-performance. Its MX-i micromotor is powerful and lightweight. The contra-angle incorporates a unique irrigation system that is internal to the instrument, offering ideal grip. The iChiropro offers seven of the main implant systems on the market with their complete sequences preprogrammed and are customizable.
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DEXIS CariVu™ portable caries detection device uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of carious lesions and cracks. DEXIS CariVu images read like familiar x-ray images — lesions appear as dark areas. There is no need to clean the tooth of bacteria, calibrate the device or become versed in multiple color codes or numeric indicators.


Ceramir C&B
Ceramir technology from Doxa is used to create a new class of unique materials called Nanostructurally Integrating Bioceramics (NIB). Ceramir Crown & Bridge permanent cement is the first product utilizing NIB technology, creating a resilient, biocompatible dental luting cement that integrates with natural tooth structure, is stable in the mouth and exhibits tooth-like properties.

Henry Schein

Dentrix Ascend
Dentrix Ascend packs advanced business, practice management and clinical tools into an easy-to-use interface. You can move quickly from new user to expert, reaching full productivity almost immediately. The unique Natural User Interface (NUI) makes it easy to complete daily functions, and Built-in Task Automation Management Intelligence (TAMI) automates repetitive tasks.

HR for Health

Human Resources Solutions
HR for Health offers tailored solutions to help practices manage all aspects of HR. This revolutionary software is designed to be self-directed and easily learned. The intuitive, paperless Web-based technology saves time and increases office efficiency. With just a few clicks your practice will be compliant with the latest HR and employment laws.


SonicFill 2
Featuring excellent adaptation and handling, high depth of cure, lasting marginal integrity, improved esthetics, durability, and more working time, SonicFill 2 bulk-fill composite transforms tedious, repetitive posterior restorations into easy and reliable procedures. SingleFill placement technology allows filling up to 5 mm in depth in a single increment, with no liner or capping layer.

LED Dental

VELScope Vx with iPod touch
The VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System centers on a wireless, handheld scope that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the way clinicians visualize oral mucosal abnormalities. The award-winning adjunctive device is used for visualizing abnormalities such as oral cancer or premalignant dysplasia.

MMG Fusion

MMG Fusion
This all-in-one marketing solution features easy, single sign-on to one powerful dashboard. Use MMG Fusion to manage your brand’s online presence and reputation and all of your patient communications, scheduling, and marketing programs, while tracking everything back to specific patient revenue through a seamless connection to your practice management software.


The EyeZoom adjustable magnification loupe offers three magnification levels ranging from 3x to 5x. Developed to assist healthcare professionals view an operating site from multiple perspectives, the loupe conforms to fit each user’s individual preference. Co-engineered with Konica Minolta®, the patent-pending technology provides edge-to-edge clarity and high-definition resolution.


Zipwhip allows you to text-enable your existing landline. Establish a text messaging relationship with your patients with an easy-to-use turnkey solution. Engage new patients while building stronger relationships with existing patients one text at a time. Zipwhip helps efficiently manage patient interactions, from automated replies to custom keywords to multi-user login and support.


Solutionreach is a provider-led, cloud-based platform that revolutionizes patient relationships and optimizes the patient experience. By delivering the right message, to the right patient, at the right time, you make every patient the only patient. Solutionreach makes it simple to manage personal relationships so you can retain satisfied, healthy patients.


EyeSpecial C-II
Designed exclusively for dentistry, the EyeSpecial C-II is a versatile tool that can be used by the whole dental team to enhance practice efficiency, clinical accuracy, and patient acceptance. Features include eight shooting modes, a large LCD touchscreen with grid lines for easy line-up and cropping, exceptional depth-of-field range, and a high-performance 49-mm close-up lens.


Green CT 10x8
Vatech’s Green CT line separates itself from traditional cone beam CT (CBCT) machines with three important qualities: ultra-low radiation dosage while still providing a clinically meaningful and diagnosable image, eco-friendly materials and assembly, and FDA clearance for pediatric use. Patients receive an ultra-low dose of radiation while doctors obtain exceptional radiographic images.

WEO Media

WEO Media Services
WEO Media offers dental marketing services tailored to fit your individual practice needs. We work with you to understand your goals and budget to develop a customized marketing plan for your practice. Services can range from a custom website, to an online marketing program for new-patient generation, to a full-scale direct-to-consumer marketing program.


Integrating with virtually any loupe or eyewear frame model, Spark™ is an innovative patent-pending cordless headlight. The unique design dispenses weight evenly across the bridge of the frame minimizing pressure on the clinician’s nose.  When co-axially mounted to one’s loupes, the Spark reduces shadowing in the operating area, providing enhanced visibility during procedures.

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