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Special Issues
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

An Interview with DEXIS

Inside Dentistry (ID): What does it mean to DEXIS to have two products selected as Best of Class for 2015?

DEXIS: The highly regarded Best of Class awards offer respected, non-biased, and in-depth information so that dentists can make informed decisions on technology for their practices. The panel spends many hours collecting and sharing knowledge and experience, and DEXIS appreciates this dedication to our profession. CariVu (Figure 1) has been a proud recipient of this renowned honor for 2 years, and we are grateful for the recognition of our products. This type of peer-selected award validates our on-going efforts to provide the very best in dental imaging and to enhance the dental experience for both clinicians and patients.

ID: Can you give us insight on how CariVu was developed?

DEXIS: CariVu technology was developed because dentists who used our other products voiced a need for better caries diagnosis without ionizing radiation. We wanted the images to be familiar, like x-ray images, and therefore, easy to read. This technology provides an edge over fluorescent imaging where the dentist must become familiar with the meaning of multiple color codes and series of numbers, and is highly limited when it comes to interproximal detection. Also, a need existed for dentists to be able to document this information. CariVu images can be saved in the patient’s file to substantiate diagnosis and course of treatment, to share with patients for education, with insurance companies, and for documentation for claims.

ID: What features of CariVu make it the type of innovative product characteristic of Best of Class winners?

DEXIS: CariVu is the only caries detection device on the market that utilizes near-infrared transillumination to not only detect and document caries but to also uniquely visualize fractures. This device offers diagnostic capability that is simply not available with any other current technology.

ID: How does the Imaging Suite support users of CariVu and sensors and allow them to perform exceptional dentistry?

DEXIS: DEXIS Imaging Suite offers dentists increased efficiency in the often challenging process of diagnosis. With this imaging hub, dentists can capture, display, and store intraoral and extraoral x-ray and photographic images in one place—providing a complete imaging history for diagnosis, treatment, and communication. Dentists can access their radiographs, intraoral photos, and CariVu images side-by-side with just a click of the mouse. The program integrates with practice management software, cameras, digital pans, CariVu, and even select 3D systems, thereby enhancing the dental experience for clinicians and patients and improving workflow.

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