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CEREC® AC Connect by Dentsply Sirona

CEREC® AC Connect

Dentsply Sirona

CEREC AC Connect is the next chapter in digital solutions from Sirona Dental Systems, the CAD/CAM leaders who invented digital impressions more than 25 years ago. CEREC AC Connect is the latest advancement in digital dentistry that further enhances the dentist and technician relationship and streamlines more inLab restorative cases directly to your laboratory.

CEREC AC Connect was designed exclusively for the creation of digital impressions to be sent directly to the dental laboratory via CEREC Connect for the creation of aesthetically-pleasing inLab restorations. Sirona’s new CEREC AC Connect allows the dental professional to completely allocate restorative cases directly to the inLab dental laboratory of choice - with no additional scanning fees, ever. CEREC AC Connect digitally connects CEREC offices and inLab laboratories from across the nation via CEREC Connect, the world’s largest digital dental network.

Dentists prefer digital impressions because they’re extremely precise, fast, and reliable. Lab owners prefer digital impressions for similar reasons, and they appreciate the fact that there’s no need to compensate, correct or repair digital models due to shrinkage, tearing, and other common inadequacies to which conventional models are prone. Patients also benefit from an impression material-free treatment experience, less overall time in the chair, more comfort, and a better-fitting final restoration. “Impress Everyone” with CEREC AC Connect.

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