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Inside Dentistry
December 2011
Volume 7, Issue 11

3M ESPE Celebrates GKAS 10th Anniversary (Figure 1)

OCTOBER—To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the American Dental Association’s Give Kids A Smile program, 3M ESPE along with Henry Schein Cares, Inc. held a dental screening and educational event for underserved children at the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 15, 2011.

Hundreds of young children attended the event on race day and received digital radiographs, fluoride treatments, dental sealants as needed, and watched fun oral hygiene educational videos before receiving backpacks with take-home dental goodies to promote good oral health such as floss and toothbrushes, and a T-shirt to commemorate the event. The digital X-rays taken for each child were uniquely embedded in a wristband and given to bring to a future visit to a dentist. For some of these children this was their first experience going to the dentist. More than 100 dental professionals including students and local members of the North Carolina Dental Society volunteered their time to conduct treatment in support of the program.

NASCAR driver of the No. 16 3M car, Greg Biffle, visited prior to the evening’s race to sign autographs and take photographs with the ecstatic crowd. In honor of this special program, Biffle’s car and uniform used in the race housed the Give Kids A Smile, 3M ESPE, and Henry Schein Cares logos.

“The entire day was fantastic—from the volunteers busily working with the children and the excitement of Greg Biffle’s appearance, to the thrill of the big race that evening,” said Karen Sullivan, marketing communications manager, 3M ESPE. “The event far exceeded our expectations of bringing awareness to the importance of good oral health in this community, strongly contributing to the program’s overall goal of eliminating cavities in children by 2020.”

Source: 3M ESPE via Karwoski & Courage

Crest® and Oral-B® Go On Cross-Country Crusade

FEBRUARY—Inspired by startling statistics on the state of America’s oral health, Crest® and Oral-B® started a cross-country crusade, the “4X Cleaner Crusade,” to educate people on how they can achieve better oral health, including four times better plaque reduction with regular use of the Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health system of products compared to a regular manual toothbrush and regular anti-cavity toothpaste.

As part of their journey, Crest and Oral-B visited the two worst-teeth cities in America, St. Louis, Missouri, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, determined by findings published in a recent report by Men’s Health magazine. The events allowed people to see the plaque that is left behind on their teeth through a digital plaque-imaging system. After their digital plaque image several consumers provided a video testimonial on their reaction to the results and their plans to improve their oral care.

Source: Procter & Gamble

GSK and DENTSPLY Sign Global Agreement

JANUARY—GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and DENTSPLY International, a global leader in professional dental products, announced that they have entered into an agreement to create a portfolio of co-branded oral care products to be used in the dental office by patients suffering from tooth sensitivity, a problem which is estimated to affect one in three people. In December 2009, GSK acquired NovaMin® through the purchase of NovaMin Technology Inc. NovaMin® is a patent-protected innovative calcium phosphate technology that has been clinically proven to relieve tooth sensitivity. The agreement will allow DENTSPLY to co-brand its NUPRO® products that contain the NovaMin® technology, with GSK’s Sensodyne® brand. This co-branding will provide a continuum of care for tooth sensitivity treatment from the dental office to everyday use at home.

Source: GlaxoSmithKline

Dentist Celebrates Special Birthday at Dental School

AUGUST—Creighton University School of Dentistry hosted a special party on August 17 for Dr. Will Miles Clark, a member of the class of 1929 who visited Omaha, Nebraska, and the dental school to celebrate his 107th birthday. “I never, never, never could repay Creighton for what they did for me,” Dr. Clark said of the education that he says gave him his livelihood and the ability to provide for his family, as well as become a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and serve in World War II.

Dr. Mark Latta, the dean of dentistry at Creighton, along with staff and students presented Dr. Clark an award, a copy of his 1929 class picture, a history of the school, a stuffed Billy Bluejay toy, chocolates, and other gifts to celebrate the occasion before singing “Happy Birthday” and cutting the cake. Dr. Clark was accompanied by his three children and one of his seven grandchildren. He also has 14 great-grandchildren.

Source: Omaha World-Herald

Volunteers Offer Care at Heraeus’ Dental Access Days

AUGUST—Heraeus Kulzer, LLC is a global company that cares and works to demonstrate that daily, most recently hosting its second annual Dental Access Days in the educational facility of its South Bend, Indiana, corporate office. With support from The Giving Hand Foundation, whose representatives travel the country to provide these free dental clinics, numerous local doctors, assistants, and hygienists volunteered their time to provide care to the underserved. Overall, the volunteers treated 131 patients, totaling more than $146,000 in free dental services such as fillings, cleanings, extractions, partial dentures, and oral exams.

Members of several organizations local to the facility benefited from this charitable effort, including the YWCA Domestic Abuse Shelter, Dismas of Michiana, St. Margaret’s House, Hope Ministries, South Bend Center for the Homeless, and Man of God Ministries. The care providers included 14 dentists, 10 hygienists, 14 assistants, and about 35 additional non-clinical volunteers. Many local businesses also assisted in the effort, donating T-shirts, food, snacks, sodas, and water, and Patterson Dental supported the event with volunteers, a CEREC and materials, and additional sterilization equipment.

Source: Heraeus Kulzer, LLC

Colgate-Palmolive Partners with HDA for “Oral Health Month”

JUNE—Colgate-Palmolive Company joined the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) to celebrate the kick off of Colgate’s “Oral Health Month.” This annual campaign encouraged the U.S. Hispanic community to join Colgate’s “fight for zero cavities’ by educating families about the importance of proper oral care.

‘Our growing Latino population tends to encounter greater deficiencies in oral care for a number of reasons, such as language barriers and lack of familiarity with healthcare resources,” says Carla Kelly, General Manager, U.S. Multicultural Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive Company. “At Colgate, we care about the health and well-being of our consumers. We’re proud to host our campaign again alongside the HDA, in an effort to provide oral health education and resources to Hispanic families across the country.”

The Hispanic population has become the largest minority group in the United States, resulting in an increase in oral healthcare demands. Minority populations bear a disproportionate burden of oral disease in the United States, according to a recent report by the U.S. Surgeon General. Current data indicates that Hispanics have less access to dental care and are half as likely to visit the dentist regularly.

“Unfortunately, the growing rate of oral health disparities continues to have a major impact on Hispanics in the U.S.,” said Margo Melchor, RDH, MEd, President, Hispanic Dental Association. “The Hispanic Dental Association is dedicated to helping improve oral care among Hispanics and is proud to support Colgate’s Oral Health Month.”

Colgate’s flagship program, Bright Smiles, Bright FuturesTM, also traveled to underserved communities in key markets to provide free oral health education, dental screenings, and treatment referrals to children, as well as education for parents on how they can maintain their families’ oral health.

Source: Colgate-Palmolive/Hispanic Dental Association

Heraeus’ Prosthetics Division Makes Donations to Three Charities

SEPTEMBER—Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, the worldwide leader in dental esthetics, announced that its Prosthetics Division has donated denture teeth to three charities serving underprivileged individuals both in the United States and overseas. In August the Division donated denture teeth to The Giving Hand Foundation (, which is dedicated to promoting the development of dental clinics providing free services to needy individuals in North Carolina and selected Third World Countries. Heraeus plans to make similar monthly donations to the Foundation on an ongoing basis. Also in August, Heraeus partnered with the Foundation by hosting Dental Access Days in the educational facility of its South Bend, Indiana, corporate office. As a result, a total of 131 low-income patients received an estimated $146,000 in free and badly needed dental services.

Heraeus has also been making donations of denture teeth to the North Carolina Missions of Mercy for several years. This organization, an outreach program of the North Carolina Dental Society (, has the following simple but crucial mission: “To provide free dental services to those in financial need with few or no other options.”

In addition, Heraeus has donated denture teeth to the Afghanistan Dental Relief Project, which was founded in 2003 to provide dental care to a nation that has only 134 dentists and one dental x-ray machine to care for its 32 million inhabitants. Death from multiple abscessed teeth is common, which is one reason that life expectancy in this war-torn country is only 42 years.

“Missing one or more teeth can be not only a serious blow to one’s self-esteem, it can also represent a serious health risk,” said Christopher Holden, Heraeus’ president. “Our company is committed to doing whatever we can to help dental practices and labs transform lives, and I cannot think of a much better way of doing this than to provide the denture teeth that can give people their smiles back.”

Source: Heraeus Kulzer, LLC via 14th Floor Solutions

GC America Announces RESTORE Japan Promotion (Figure 2)

May—On March 22, 2011, one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history struck off the east coast of Japan. The 8.9-magnitude quake spawned a 23-foot tsunami that washed over large portions of Japan’s coastline, permanently altering the landscape and livelihood of thousands of people on its way to becoming one of the biggest and most tragic natural disasters ever.

As a company with its roots in Japan, GC America Inc. announced a series of promotions to help the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster. The RESTORE Japan promotion featured GC America’s restorative line of products including the new G-aenial™ Universal Flo composite and GC Fuji IX™ glass ionomer. Depending on which promotional offer was used, up to 10% of the proceeds went directly to help the devastated areas. Participants also received a GC America RESTORE Japan gift in appreciation of their donation.

“We are very concerned for the welfare of all the people of Japan, including our GC Associates’ and their families who have been affected by this terrible tragedy. We recognize the continuing need for support and we want to provide a simple way for the dental industry to contribute,” said John O’Neill, Vice President–Sales and Marketing, GC America. “In the philosophy of Semui, GC Corporation and GC America have total commitment to you, our customers. Semui is a Japanese ideology that basically means, “always do the right thing for your customers without any regard to oneself.”

Source: GC America Inc.

BIOMET 3i Recognized for Contributions (Figure 3)

FEBRUARY—BIOMET 3i has been honored with an award for its significant contributions to Donated Dental Services (DDS), a program of Dental Lifeline Network. The award was presented at a reception celebrating the 25th anniversary of DDS during the American Dental Association Annual Session in Orlando. Dental Lifeline Network, formerly known as the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, is a charitable affiliate of the ADA. Through DDS and other programs, the organization provides comprehensive dental care to people who are disabled, elderly, or medically at-risk and has a nationwide volunteer network of 15,000 dentists and 3,000 laboratories. “The outstanding support of BIOMET 3i has helped DDS reach today’s milestone of providing dental therapies valued at $181 million to 100,000 people in 50 states,” Fred Leviton, president of Dental Lifeline Network noted.

Source: Biomet 3i

Nobel Biocare Appoints New CEO

APRIL—Richard Laube was appointed the new CEO by the Board of Directors of Nobel Biocare. He joined the company on April 1, 2011 and assumed his duties as CEO on May 1. Laube brings with him considerable international experience in different industries in which innovation was the key to success. Among other things, he converted the OTC business of F. Hoffmann La Roche into a successful, independent unit, and most recently, as CEO of Nestlé’s Nutrition division, more than doubled the business through acquisitions and organic growth. The Board of Directors believes that his previous experience puts him in an ideal position to build on what has been achieved and continue to develop the enormous potential of Nobel Biocare in order to generate sustainable growth in sales and value. Heino von Prondzynski, chairman of the Board of Directors, says: “I would like to thank Domenico Scala for his loyal and passionate commitment. During a difficult period, he was successful in completely overhauling the company and thereby established a very solid foundation. This will enable Nobel Biocare to begin the next phase of growth and innovation. The entire Board of Directors would like to wish him all the best in his professional and private life. In Richard Laube, we have a successor who comes with the right qualifications to continue developing the company, especially regarding innovation and global strategy implementation. His task will be to continue to exploit the enormous potential of the company and achieve sustainable growth in value.”

Source: Nobel Biocare

Donated Dental Services Honors Ivoclar Vivadent

APRIL—Ivoclar Vivadent has been honored with an award for its significant contributions to Donated Dental Services (DDS), a program of Dental Lifeline Network. The award was accepted by Wayne Ledford and Pat Segnere as DDS celebrated its 25th anniversary during the 2011 National Association of Dental Laboratories Vision 21 Meeting in Las Vegas.

Presenting the award was Dental Lifeline Network President Fred Leviton. Formerly known as the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, Dental Lifeline Network is a charitable affiliate of the American Dental Association. Through DDS and other programs, the organization provides comprehensive dental care to people with disabilities, or who are elderly or medically at-risk and has a nationwide volunteer network of 15,000 dentists and 3,200 laboratories that contribute over $22 million worth of needed services annually. “Without the outstanding support of Ivoclar Vivadent and its donations of metals, teeth, CEREC blocks, and other restorative materials used by our volunteer laboratories, DDS could never have reached today’s milestone of providing dental therapies valued at $187 million to 101,000 people in 50 states,” Leviton noted. “Ivoclar Vivadent has been instrumental to the success and expansion of DDS, and we are profoundly grateful for its generosity.”

Source: Ivoclar Vivadent

Henry Schein Cares Foundation Contributes to Disaster Relief

JULY—The Henry Schein Cares Foundation and Henry Schein, Inc. donated more than $375,000 in financial and product donations to help provide healthcare to those who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, flood in Australia, earthquake in New Zealand, and tornadoes in the United States. The Henry Schein Cares Foundation’s Tornadoes Relief Fund, first established in response to the tornadoes that struck the South in April, remains open to provide continued support to other regions of the United States subsequently struck by tornadoes.

The financial donations were made through the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that works to foster, support, and promote dental, medical, and animal health by helping to increase access to care for communities around the world. In addition, financial donations were made directly through Henry Schein Halas and Provet, Henry Schein’s dental and animal health businesses in Australia, as well as Henry Schein Shalfoon, Henry Schein’s dental business in New Zealand. These financial donations follow product donations made by Henry Schein Cares earlier through its non-governmental organization partners, including Direct Relief International, AmeriCares, the American Red Cross and the ASPCA.

In the United States, recipients included the Alabama Dental Association, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, the Missouri Dental Association Foundation’s Joplin Tornado Disaster Fund, and the Missouri State Medical Association Health Education Foundation’s Joplin Relief Fund.

Source: Henry Schein Cares Foundation

Philips Launches Teeth Whitening Educational Campaign

SEPTEMBER—Philips, the makers of Sonicare power toothbrushes and Zoom! whitening, announced the launch of a new educational campaign called Get It Right!, which encourages people to engage a dental professional in the teeth-whitening process to ensure a healthy smile worthy of a great first impression.

“Smiling affects not only how someone feels, but also how others perceive that person,” said psychologist, executive coach, and author Ann Demarais, PhD. “In fact, research suggests there are a number of benefits to smiling—from a mood enhancer to being more socially appealing.”

“Teeth need care and attention like any other part of the body and teeth whitening could play an important role in teeth maintenance,” explained Dr. Bill Dorfman, DDS, one of the creators of Zoom! whitening and best-selling author. “However, many factors must be considered when whitening a smile, such as teeth sensitivity or a medical condition. No one knows more about oral health than a dental professional who can help advise patients about whitening options, including professional treatments, to ensure safe results for an optimal smile.”

Given all of the causes of discolored teeth, it is no surprise that teeth whitening has evolved into one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments. And consumers have many whitening options available to choose from, including toothpastes, whitening strips, and professional treatments that are administered by a dental professional, including a dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant, such as light-activated whitening conducted in the dental office.

With the Get It Right! campaign, the American Dental Hygienist Association (ADHA) emphasizes the importance of speaking with a dental professional to get advice on the best whitening option. “Questions about whitening come up during dental hygiene appointments every day and too often, patients may not be informed about all of their options,” said ADHA president, Pamela Quinones, RDH, BS. “Consulting a dental professional from the beginning before a patient starts any whitening treatment and having them remain involved throughout the whitening process can ensure that the patient is receiving the treatment that is right for his or her situation.”

Source: Philips Oral Healthcare

DENTSPLY Completes New Acquistions

AUGUST—Bret Wise, chairman and CEO of DENTSPLY International, announced that the company completed acquisitions of Astra Tech and AMD Lasers. “In addition to Astra Tech, I would note that we’ve completed three other transactions this year, two in Europe and one in the United States,” Wise said. “Generally speaking, these are smaller companies; however, we are excited about a technology company that we acquired here in the United States called AMD Lasers.”

The sale was finalized during the second quarter and gives DENTSPLY access to the laser technology category with the Picasso, AMD’s soft-tissue laser. Meanwhile, DENTSPLY anticipates that its acquisition of Astra Tech will add approximately $200 million to the company’s net sales in the first year with one of the fastest-growing dental implant platforms in the marketplace.

Source: DENTSPLY International

Patterson Dental’s Record Donation Helps Fund Dental Lifeline Network Programs

OCTOBER—Patterson Dental and its business partners raised a record contribution of more than $200,000 for Dental Lifeline Network programs at the 2011 Patterson Dental Leadership Summit in Minneapolis. “This amazing level of financial support, a partnership of Patterson and its business partners, contributes directly to the millions of dollars in services donated each year by dentists and labs to thousands of vulnerable people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile,” DLN President Fred Leviton said. “The Patterson Leadership Summit contribution alone will enable DLN to provide the support volunteer dentists and labs need in the coming year to treat more than 800 people. We are stunned and humbled by the generosity of the industry.”

Through its 15,000 volunteer dentists and 3,200 volunteer laboratories, Dental Lifeline Network provides comprehensive dental care to underserved people in all 50 states. Since the organization was founded in 1986, more than 106,000 people have received $200 million in donated dental care.

Source: Patterson Dental

Septodont Launches Biodentine

FEBRUARY—At the Chicago Midwinter Meeting in February, Septodont introduced a revolutionary all-in-one dentin replacement product—Biodentine™. After announcing the launch in September 2010, Septodont began the official launch event with an informative session to an intimate group of leading clinicians from all over the country who were introduced to the new product in style at the chic Chicago restaurant, ZED451. The evening began with a champagne toast given by Septodont’s North American President, Kent Chiu. The toast kicked off the event as guests learned about the many benefits, applications, and pre-clinical studies surrounding Biodentine.

Biodentine is an all-in-one dentin replacement material that is bioactive and biocompatible and can be used in both the crown and root wherever dentin is damaged. Indications include restoring deep cavities, pulp-capping, pulpotomies, perforations, and internal/external resorptions. In addition to treating damaged dentin, Biodentine provides a number of clinical benefits that include remineralization, preservation of pulp, and prevention of clinical failures.

Source: Septodont

3M ESPE Advances Digital Dentistry at Dental Schools

AUGUST—By the end of 2011, dental programs from selected schools across the nation will be able to offer hands-on training with some of the most advanced technology in the industry. 3M Community Giving, the charitable giving arm of 3M, announced that it will donate Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S. impression-taking systems as part of its goal to advance academic excellence in higher education. The donation includes support from 3M’s dental division, 3M ESPE, to successfully integrate the technology into dental schools. Selected dental schools will meet several criteria, including number of students, proximity to 3M facilities, and demonstrated capability to integrate digital dentistry into their curriculums.

“Digital-related products are expected to revolutionize the next generation of dentistry, making it essential that students receive training to ensure that they are properly prepared to enter the marketplace,” said Ian Hardgrove, senior vice president of marketing and sales and president of the 3M Corporate Giving Committee. “Connecting universities with the desire to offer cutting-edge technologies with the worldwide leader of dental innovations was a natural fit given our organizational goal of preparing students for future opportunities and 3M ESPE’s commitment to transform the dental industry. The Lava C.O.S. system will provide the basis for assisting universities to enter the digital age of dentistry.”

Source: 3M ESPE

Patterson Technology Center Grand Opening (Figure 4)

OCTOBER—Patterson Companies, Inc. celebrated the Grand Opening of its new Patterson Technology Center (PTC) October 27 in Effingham, Illinois. The 100,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility reinforces the company’s commitment to technology and customer support. The PTC supports Eaglesoft practice management and digital software, CAESY patient education, digital panoramic X-ray and sensors, Patterson-branded computer hardware, and exclusive Patterson products, such as CEREC and Schick.

The new three-level facility, which opened on September 26, strengthens the comprehensive software development, digital technology, and call-center support capabilities in the markets served by Patterson Dental, Webster Veterinary, and Patterson Medical—the businesses that comprise Patterson Companies.

“With leading-edge technology development and support capabilities, there’s nothing quite like the PTC in our industry,” said Patterson Dental’s president, Paul Guggenheim. “We look forward to working with our customers to ensure that their practice and patient experience are second to none and that new technologies will help their practice continue to grow and evolve in the future.”

Source: Patterson Companies, Inc.

Oldest Living World War II Veteran, A Dentist, Dies at Age 105

AUGUST—Dr. Albert “Doc” Brown, the oldest living World War II veteran and survivor of the 65-mile forced trek known as the Bataan Death March, died August 14 at a nursing home in Nashville, Illinois. He was 105.

Born on October 26, 1905, in North Platte, Nebraska, Dr. Brown was the godson of the famous Wild West showman William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Dr. Brown graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry where he competed on the football and basketball teams and was a member of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

According to his obituary, he established a dental practice and a family with his wife Helen in Iowa and became a licensed pilot.

After a decade of dental practice, Dr. Brown was called to active military duty with a medical regiment in October 1940. By early 1941, he and thousands of other American soldiers were forced to walk from Bataan to a Japanese prisoner of war camp. He survived the infamous Bataan Death March and spent three years as a Japanese POW. He was later awarded the Purple Heart, the Philippine Defense Ribbon with 1 star, the Presidential Unit Citation, the American Defense Ribbon with 1 star, the American Theater Ribbon, the Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon and the WWII Victory Medal for his service. But he was never well enough to resume dental practice.

Dr. Brown is survived by two of his three children, 12 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren, and 19 great-great-grandchildren. Memorials may be made to Wounded Warrior Project.

Source: The Associated Press

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