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Beautifil® Bulk Restorative by Shofu

Beautifil® Bulk Restorative


BEAUTIFIL Bulk Restorative incorporates the unique, bioactive benefits of Giomer, a surface pre-reacted glass filler that is backed by 13 years of clinical success. It's an esthetic, reliable restorative.

BEAUTIFILBulk Restorative has optimum translucency and a high fill ratio which reduces polymerization shrinkage stress while increasing compressive and flexural strength. This product offers ideal balance of light diffusion and transmission that ensures complete polymerization at 4mm depth of cure.

With sustained fluoride release and rechargability, BEAUTIFIL Bulk Restorative is ideal for high caries patients. Indicated for direct posterior restorations including occlusal surfaces, Beautifil Bulk Restorative has excellent condensability and sculptability, ideal for posterior restorations with minimized shade difference before and after light curing.

BEAUTIFILBulk Restorative comes in shades Universal and A.

Tip Shade A – PN# 2033

Tip Shade Universal – PN# 2032

Syringe Shade A – PN# 2035

Syringe Shade Universal – PN# 2034

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